Jeremiah 50:36

36 A sword will kill the false prophets. They will become fools. A sword will kill their soldiers and defeat them.

Jeremiah 50:36 Meaning and Commentary

Jeremiah 50:36

A sword [is] upon the liars
Some render it "bars" F13, as the word sometimes signifies; and interpret it of great men, who are the strength and security of cities and commonwealths; but these are mentioned both before and after. The Targum renders it "diviners"; and so Jarchi and Kimchi interpret it F14; of which there were many among the Chaldeans, who were a lying set of men, who imposed upon and deceived the people; these with their divinations and soothsayings could not save the land, nor themselves, from the devouring sword; nay, their sorceries and divinations were the cause of the ruin of it; see ( Isaiah 47:9 Isaiah 47:12 Isaiah 47:13 ) ( Revelation 18:23 ) ; and they shall dote;
or, that they may "become foolish" F15; be infatuated, and act a mad part, and be at their wits' end; not knowing what course to take for their own safety, and much less be able to give direction and advice to others: a sword [is] upon her mighty men, and they shall be dismayed;
the soldiers and their officers, the most valiant and courageous of them; these would be in the utmost fright and consternation at the approach of the enemy; especially when they perceived the city taken, and the carnage made of the king and his nobles.


F13 (Mydbh) "vectes"; so some in Gataker.
F14 "Divinos", V. L. Vatablus, Tigurine version, Calvin, Pagninus; so R. Sol. Urbin. Ohel Moed, fol. 84.
F15 (wlanw) "stultescant", Schmidt; "ut stulte agant", Piscator; "et insanient", Pagninus, Montanus.

Jeremiah 50:36 In-Context

34 Their defender is strong. His name is the LORD of Armies. He will certainly take up their cause in order to bring rest to the land of Israel and unrest to the people who live in Babylon.
35 "A sword will kill the Babylonians and everyone who lives in Babylon," declares the LORD. "A sword will kill their officials and their wise men.
36 A sword will kill the false prophets. They will become fools. A sword will kill their soldiers and defeat them.
37 A sword will kill their horses, their chariots, and all the foreigners within their ranks. They will become women. A sword will destroy their treasures, and they will be looted.
38 A drought will diminish their water supply, and it will dry up. Babylon is a land of idols, statues that will go crazy with fear.
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