Job 13

1 "My eye has certainly seen all of this! My ear has heard and understood it.
2 After all, I know it as well as you do. I am not inferior to you.
3 However, I want to speak to the Almighty, and I wish to argue my case in front of God.
4 But you are smearing me with lies. All of you are worthless physicians.
5 I wish you would keep silent. For you, that would be wisdom.
6 Please listen to my argument, and pay attention to my plea.
7 "Will you talk wickedly for God and talk deceitfully on his behalf?
8 Will you favor him [as] if you were arguing in court on God's behalf?
9 Will it go well when he cross-examines you? Will you try to trick him as one mortal tricks another?
10 Will he really defend you if you secretly favor [him]?
11 Doesn't his majesty terrify you? Doesn't the fear of him fall upon you?
12 "Your recollections are worthless proverbs. Your answers are absolutely useless.
13 Be quiet, because I want to speak. Let whatever may happen to me [happen]!
14 I am biting off more than I can chew and taking my life in my own hands.
15 If God would kill me, I would have no hope [left]. Nevertheless, I will defend my behavior to his face.
16 This also will be my salvation because no godless person could face him.
17 "Listen carefully to my words. Hear my declaration.
18 I have prepared my case. I know that I will be declared righteous.
19 Who can make a case against me? If someone could, I'd be silent and die.
20 "Please don't do two things to me so that I won't have to hide from you:
21 Stop oppressing me. Don't let your terror frighten me.
22 Then call, and I'll answer. Otherwise, I'll speak, and you'll answer me.
23 How many crimes and sins have I committed? Make me aware of my disobedience and my sin.
24 Why do you hide your face [from me] and consider me your enemy?
25 Are you trying to make a fluttering leaf tremble or trying to chase dry husks?
26 You write down bitter accusations against me. You make me suffer for the sins of my youth.
27 You put my feet in shackles. You follow my trail by engraving marks on the soles of my feet.
28 I am like worn-out wineskins, like moth-eaten clothes.
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