Job 3:24

24 "When my food is in front of me, I sigh. I pour out my groaning like water.

Job 3:24 Meaning and Commentary

Job 3:24

For my sighing cometh before I eat
Or, "before my bread", or "food" F7; before he sat down to eat, or had tasted of his food, there were nothing but sighing and sobbing, so that he had no appetite for his food, and could take no delight in it; and, while he was eating, his tears mingled with it, so that these were his meat and his drink continually, and he was fed with the bread and water of affliction; and therefore what were light and life to such a person, who could not have the pleasure of one comfortable meal?

and my roarings are poured out like the waters;
he not only wept privately and in secret, and cried more publicly both to God and in the presence of men, but such was the force and weight of his affliction, that he even roared out, and that like a lion; and his afflictions, which were the cause of these roarings, are compared to waters and the pouring of them out; for the noise these waterspouts made, and for the great abundance of them, and for their quick and frequent returns, and long continuance, one wave and billow rolling upon another.


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Job 3:24 In-Context

22 They are ecstatic, delighted to find the grave.
23 Why give light to those whose paths have been hidden, to those whom God has fenced in?
24 "When my food is in front of me, I sigh. I pour out my groaning like water.
25 What I fear most overtakes me. What I dread happens to me.
26 I have no peace! I have no quiet! I have no rest! And trouble keeps coming!"
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