Job 13:13-23

13 Be quiet, because I want to speak. Let whatever may happen to me [happen]!
14 I am biting off more than I can chew and taking my life in my own hands.
15 If God would kill me, I would have no hope [left]. Nevertheless, I will defend my behavior to his face.
16 This also will be my salvation because no godless person could face him.
17 "Listen carefully to my words. Hear my declaration.
18 I have prepared my case. I know that I will be declared righteous.
19 Who can make a case against me? If someone could, I'd be silent and die.
20 "Please don't do two things to me so that I won't have to hide from you:
21 Stop oppressing me. Don't let your terror frighten me.
22 Then call, and I'll answer. Otherwise, I'll speak, and you'll answer me.
23 How many crimes and sins have I committed? Make me aware of my disobedience and my sin.