Job 30:6-16

6 They have to live in dry riverbeds, in holes in the ground, and among rocks.
7 They howl in bushes and huddle together under thornbushes.
8 Godless fools and worthless people are forced out of the land with whips.
9 "And now they make fun of me with songs. I have become a joke to them.
10 Since they consider me disgusting, they keep their distance from me and don't hesitate to spit in my face.
11 Because God has untied my cord and has made me suffer, they are no longer restrained in my presence.
12 They have attacked me on my right side like a mob. They trip my feet and then prepare ways to destroy me.
13 Yes, they remove all traces of my path in order to destroy me. No one is there to help me against them.
14 They come through a wide hole [in the wall]. They crawl through the ruins.
15 Terrors are directed toward me. They blow away my dignity like the wind. My prosperity vanishes like a cloud.
16 "Now my life is pouring out of me. Days of suffering seize me.