Job 31:4-14

4 Doesn't he see my ways and count all my steps?
5 "If I have walked with lies or my feet have run after deception,
6 [then] let God weigh me on honest scales, and he will know I have integrity.
7 "If my steps have left the [proper] path, or my heart has followed [the desire of] my eyes, or my hands are stained [with sin],
8 [then] let someone else eat what I have planted, and let my crops be uprooted.
9 "If I have been seduced by a woman or I have secretly waited near my neighbor's door,
10 [then] let my wife grind for another [man], and let other [men] kneel over her.
11 That would be a scandal, and that would be a criminal offense.
12 It would be a fire that burns even in Abaddon. It would uproot my entire harvest.
13 "If I have abused the rights of my servants, male or female, when they have disagreed with me,
14 then what could I do if God rises up? If he examines me, how could I answer him?