Leviticus 11:6-16

6 You must never eat rabbits. (Rabbits are unclean because they chew their cud but do not have divided hoofs.)
7 You must never eat pigs. (Because pigs have completely divided hoofs but do not chew their cud, they are also unclean.)
8 Never eat the meat of these animals or touch their dead bodies. They are unclean for you.
9 "Here are the kinds of creatures that live in the water which you may eat--anything in the seas and streams that has fins and scales.
10 However, you must consider all swarming creatures living in the seas or the streams that have no fins or scales disgusting.
11 They must remain disgusting to you. Never eat their meat. Consider their dead bodies disgusting.
12 Every creature in the water without fins or scales is disgusting to you.
13 "Here are the kinds of birds you must consider disgusting and must not eat. They are eagles, bearded vultures, black vultures,
14 kites, all types of buzzards,
15 all types of crows,
16 ostriches, nighthawks, seagulls, all types of falcons,