Leviticus 25:12-22

12 The jubilee [year] will be holy to you. You will eat what the field itself produces.
13 "In this jubilee year every slave will be freed in order to return to his property.
14 If you sell anything to your neighbor or buy anything from him, don't take advantage of him.
15 When you buy property from your neighbor, take into account the number of years since the jubilee. Your neighbor must sell it to you taking into account the number of crops [until the next jubilee].
16 If there are still many years [until the jubilee], you will pay more for it. If there are only a few years [until the jubilee], you will pay less for it because he is selling you only the number of crops.
17 Never take advantage of each other. Fear your God, because I am the LORD your God.
18 "Obey my laws, and carefully follow my rules. Then you will live securely in the land.
19 The land will give you its products, and you will eat all you want and live there securely.
20 You may ask, 'What will we eat in the seventh year if we do not plant or bring in our crops?'
21 I will give you my blessing in the sixth year so that the land will produce enough for three years.
22 You will plant [again] in the eighth year but live on what the land already produced. You will eat it, even in the ninth year, until the land produces more.