Luke 5:1-11

1 One day Jesus was standing by the Sea of Galilee. The people crowded around him as they listened to God's word.
2 Jesus saw two boats on the shore. The fishermen had stepped out of them and were washing their nets.
3 So Jesus got into the boat that belonged to Simon and asked him to push off a little from the shore. Then Jesus sat down and taught the crowd from the boat.
4 When he finished speaking, he told Simon, "Take the boat into deep water, and lower your nets to catch some fish."
5 Simon answered, "Teacher, we worked hard all night and caught nothing. But if you say so, I'll lower the nets."
6 After the men had done this, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to tear.
7 So they signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. Their partners came and filled both boats until the boats nearly sank.
8 When Simon Peter saw this, he knelt in front of Jesus and said, "Leave me, Lord! I'm a sinful person!"
9 Simon and everyone who was with him was amazed to see the large number of fish they had caught.
10 James and John, who were Zebedee's sons and Simon's partners, were also amazed. Jesus told Simon, "Don't be afraid. From now on you will catch people instead of fish."
11 Simon and his partners brought the boats to shore, left everything, and followed Jesus.
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