Psalm 20

1 The LORD will answer you in times of trouble. The name of the God of Jacob will protect you.
2 He will send you help from his holy place and support you from Zion.
3 He will remember all your grain offerings and look with favor on your burnt offerings. Selah
4 He will give you your heart's desire and carry out all your plans.
5 We will joyfully sing about your victory. We will wave our flags in the name of our God. The LORD will fulfill all your requests.
6 Now I know that the LORD will give victory to his anointed king. He will answer him from his holy heaven with mighty deeds of his powerful hand.
7 Some [rely] on chariots and others on horses, but we will boast in the name of the LORD our God.
8 They will sink to their knees and fall, but we will rise and stand firm.
9 Give victory to the king, O LORD. Answer us when we call.
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