Francis Trigge

. Francis Trigge, A. M.—He was born in Lincolnshire, in the year 1544, and educated in University college, Oxford, where he took his degrees. Afterwards, he entered upon the christian ministry, and became rector of Welborn, near Buckingham. He was the founder of the public library at Grantham in Lincolnshire, on the wall of which is a Latin inscription descriptive of his great charity and other excellencies. He gave a certain sum to the town of Grantham, to be distributed annually among its poor inhabitants. He died May 12, 1606, aged sixty-two years; and his remains were interred in the chancel of Welborn church. Wood styles him a noted and godly preacher, but a very strict puritan.+

His Works.—1. An Apology, shewing that the days wherein we live are more good and blessed than those of our Forefathers, 1589.— 2. Comment, in cap. 12. ad. Rom., 1590.—3. Comment, in Rev. S. Job., 1590.—4. Analysis capitis 24 Evangclii secundum Matthaeum, 1591.—5. A Sermon preached at Grantham, 1594.—6. Touchstone of Catholic Faith, 1599.—7. The true Catholic formed, according to the Truth of the Scriptures, 1602

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