Giles Thome

Giles Thorne was of Baliol-college, Oxford, and one of the preachers to the university. Mr. Thomas Ford of Magdalen-hall, Mr. William Hodges of Exeter college, ana Mr. Thome, having in their sermons at St. Mary's church, in the year 1631, used some bold expressions against the sentiments of the Arminians, were convened before the vice-chancellor Dr. Smith and others, as offenders against his majesty's injunctions. They were required to deliver up copies of their sermons; but perceiving the vicechancellor's partiality and injustice, they appealed to the proctors, who received their appeal, as they had a right to do, according to the statutes of the university. Bishop Laud, receiving information of the case, complained of their appeal to the king, who heard the whole business at Woodstock; when, by the influence of this prelate, the three divines were expelled from the university; the two

• • Whalley's Hilt, of Northamptonshire, vol. ii. p. 89. Edit. 1791.

proctors, for receiving their appeal, were deprived of theii places; and Dr. Prideaux, rector of Exeter college, and Dr. Wilkinson, principal of Magdalen-hall, received a sharp reprimand for their concern in this business.* Mr. Thome presented a most humble petition to the bishop, desiring his favour and pardon, ana a re-admission to the university; but without effect. Mr. Hodges desiring to be restored, preached a recantation sermon in St. Mary's church, and read a most degrading submission in the convocation-house, on his bended knees, before the whole assembly, and was restored as a probationer for one year, to bewail his offence and learn obedience. Mr. Ford, making no address, returned to his friends in Devonshire; when he was likely to be chosen vicar or lecturer of Plymouth. But Laud was no sooner informed of this, than he procured letters from the king, forbidding the inhabitants of the town to elect him, upon pain of his majesty's displeasure; and another to the Bishop of Exeter, commanding him not to admit him, in case he should be elected.+ Mr. Hodges afterwards conformed, and obtained considerable preferment-t Mr. Ford continued a nonconformist, and was ejected in 1662.S And one Dr. Giles Thorne, in the year 1643, became archdeacon of Buckingham; but whether this be the same person, we arc unable to ascertain.|

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