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Henry Ramsden

Henry Ramsden, A. M.—This worthy person was the son of Mr. Goeffry Ramsden, bom at Greetland, in the parish ut Halifax, Yorkshire, and educated in Magdalen college, Oxford, where he took his degrees in arts. In the year 1621 he was chosen fellow of Lincoln college, in the same university; and five years afterwards, having made uncommon advancement in theological studies, he removed from that seat of learning, and became a preacher in London, where, says Wood,^ " he was much followed for his edifying and puritanical sermons." On the death of Mr. Hugh Ramsden, his elder brother, he was made vicar of Halifax, where he continued the remainder of his days. He was inducted to the living in the year 1629, and died March 7, 1637, having constantly maintained an unblemished character. After his death were published his four sermons, entitled, " A Gleaning of God's Harvest," 1639. His remains were interred in the chancel of Halifax church, where a monumental inscription was

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erected to bis memory, of which the following. is a translation :•

Henry Ramsden, Master of Arts, second son of Goeffry Ramsden, of Grectland, near Halifax, sometime fellow of Lincoln college, in the university of Oxford, and afterwards vicar of Halifax. To his very celebrated and renowned predecessor and brother Hug R, be was no unworthy successor. A man of universal learning, and of the most approved integrity in his family. Whatever we admire in the learning, or

venerate in the sanctity of others,
shone conspicuously in him, who was the
ornament alike of literature and of piety.
For more than eight years,
he was a remarkable example of diligence in his office;
during which time
he vigilantly watched over his church,
and was a burning and a shining light,
both in his life and doctrine.
A faithful pastor of his people.
A most courageous defender of the cause of the poor.

A firm advocate of the peace of the church.
He was esteemed a quick, yet cautious and equitablo

distributor of public justice:
A chief promoter of good order and civil government.
He was seized with a violent fever,
leaving bis affectionate blessing,
and kind remembrance with all,
not without just and public sorrow,
he surrendered his soul into the hands of his Lord,
sweetly supported by the hope of the Resurrection,
he fell asleep March 7,

This Monument was erected by his younger

brother, William Ramsden,
rector of Edgmond, in the county of Salop,
lamenting his death.

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