Jeremiah Dyke

Jeremiah Dyke, A. M. was younger brother to the celebrated Mr. Daniel Dyke, and educated in Sidney college, Cambridge. He was beneficed at Epping in Essex, where he entered upon his pastoral charge, in the year 160P.* He was a person of a cheerful spirit, richly furnished with divine grace, and eminently useful in his ministry. He was a divine of great peace and moderation, and is said to have been no zealot for the ceremonies, but to have quietly submitted to the use of them. This he certainly did, for the sake of peace, so far as he could do it with a good conscience. But he was a thorough puritan, and disaffected to the ceremonies. He died a pious death, says our author, in the year 1620, when his remains were interred in his own church.t A minister of the same name became vicar of Stansted-Abbots in Middlesex, in 1640; but resigned it previous to April 23, 1644; and he became rector of Great Parndon in Essex, in 1645. But if the above account of Mr. Dyke's death be correct, this must have been another person.J Mr. Dyke published the posthumous works of his brother, and was himself author of several excellent books. He is classed among the learned writers of Sidney college, Cambridge ;$ and a high encomium is passed upon his sermons.| | He was author of a work on the Lord's supper, entitled, " The Worthy Communicant." Mr. Daniel Dyke, the silenced nonconformist, in 1662, was his son.!

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