John Downham

John Downham, B. D.—This reverend and excellent divine was the son of Dr. William Downham, bishop of Chester^ and brother to Dr. George Downham, bishop of Londonderry in Ireland.) He was born in the city of Chester, educated in Christ's college, Cambridge, and afterwards a laborious and useful preacher in London. It does

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♦ Dr. Grey ii displeased with Mr. Oldmtxon for treating Clarendon's account as a falsehood j while he suppresses the grounds on which Mr. Oldmixon censures it, which arc chiefly those we have given.—JVcaft Puritans, vol. iii. p. 3, 4.—Orey't Examination, vol. ii. p. 10,

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not appear what preferment he obtained; but he was the first who delivered and afterwards promoted the famous lecture at Bartholomew's church, behind the Exchange. In the year 1640, he united with his puritan brethren, the ministers of the city, in presenting their petition to the privy council, against Laud's cruel book of canons; in 1643, he was appointed one of the licensers of the press; and, in 1644, he was chosen one of the London ministers to

and celebrated divine; and he died at a very great age, about the close of the above year. Fuller, who has classed him among the learned writers of Christ's college, Cambridge, styles him " a grave divine," and says, " he is memorable to posterity for his excellent work, entitled, The Christian Warfare."* Wood denominates him " a learned and laborious writer."t

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