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John Eaton

John Eaton, A. M.—This person was born in Kent, in the year 1575, and educated in Trinity college, Oxford. For several years after he left the university, he preached in various places; was curate at Katherine-Colemar, near Aldgate, London; and in 1625, became vicar of Wickham-Market in Suffolk, where he continued to the end of his days. It is said that he was a person of a peculiar mould, very paradoxical in his opinions, and a great antinomian, for which he was more than once cast into prison. His writings, which contain his peculiar sentiments, were, " The Discovery of a most dangerous Dead Faith;" 1641. " Abraham's Steps of Faith;" 1641. " The Honey-comb of Free Justification by Christ alone, collected out of the mere Authorities of Scripture," 1642. For the publication of a former edition of the last article, he was imprisoned in the Gatehouse, Westminster.t Indeed, he was for several years questioned and censured by the high commission, for maintaining that God cannot see sin in those who are justified. He was in perils often, in London, Norwich, and Wickham. Nevertheless, he is represented as a faithful servant of Jesus Christ; and, by the blessing of the Lord upon his labours, was instrumental in begetting many children to God.t Archdeacon Echard admits, that by means of his zeal, his exemplary patience, and his great piety, he was exceedingly admired in the neighbourhood where he lived, and highly valued for hiany years after his deaths And though he committed some mistakes, in his assertions about the doctrines of grace, he was, upon the whole, " a pattern of faith, holiness, and cheerfulness in his sufferings, to future generations." He died in the year 1641, and in the sixty-sixth year of his age. There was another Mr. Eaton, denominated the great apostle for promoting independency in Yorkshire ana Lancashire; but he was ejected after the restoration.)

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