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John Gee

John Gee, A. B.—This zealous person was the son of a minister, born in Devonshire, in the year 1597, and educated first in Brazen-nose college, then in Exeter college, Oxford. Entering upon the ministerial work, he was beneficed at Newton, near Winwick, in Lancashire. Being at this period much inclined to popery, he left the place, and retired to London, where he became intimately acquainted with several leading persons of the popish persuasion. October 26, 1623, Mr. Gee was in the assembly of above three hundred persons^ collected in an upper room, in Blackfriars, London; when, about the middle of the

priest, and nearly one hundred of the congregation, were killed, and many others severely bruised.* This he considered a most alarming and awakening providence. Having already received many urgent letters from his father, and by means of a conference which he had with Archbishop Abbot, he renounced the errors of popery, and became a zealous protestant. Some, it is said, thought he became too zealous a protestant. For he embraced the principles of the puritans, and wrote with great spirit and ability against the papists, exposing their errors and superstitions. The papists, however, in return, loaded him with much slander and abuse. After renouncing popery, he preached at Tenterden in Kent, where he died, but at what particular time we arc not able to learn.t fie had a younger brother, called Orlando Gee, who was afterwards knighted.

His Works.—I. The Foot out of the Snare, wilh a Detection of sundry late Practices and Impostures of the Priests and Jesuits in England, 1624.—2. A gentle Excuse to Mr. Greg. Musket for styling him Jesuit, 1624.—Both these passed through four editions this year.—3. Hold fast, a Sermon at Paul's cross, on Rev. iii. 11., 1624.—4. New Shreds of the old Snare, containing tbc Apparitions of two Female Ghosts, the copies of divers Letters, and Indulgence* purchased at Rome, 1624.

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