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John Hayden

John Hayden was minister in Devonshire, and most grievously persecuted for nonconformity. Having spoken in his sermon against setting up images in churches, he was forced to quit the county, and was afterwards apprehended in the diocese of Norwich by Bishop Harsnet, who, taking from him his horse, his money, and all his papers, caused him to be shut up a close prisoner in the common jail of Norwich for thirteen weeks, where he was in danger


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of starving for want When the justices at the quarter sessions would have admitted him to bail, his lordship refused, and sent him under the guard of a pursuivant to the high commission in London.* Having been kept under confinement two whole terms, or more, he was brought before the high commission in the consistory of St. Paul's, when he was deprived of his ministry, degraded from the sacred function, required to pay a fine, and sent back to prison. Being at length released from confinement, and venturing, in the year 1634, to preach occasionally, without being restored, he was again apprehended and sent to the Gatehouse by Archbishop Laud, and from thence to Bridewell, where he was whipt and kept for some time to hard labour; then he was confined in a cold dark dungeon during the whole of winter, without fire or candle, being chained to a post in the middle of the room, with heavy irons on his hands and feet, having no other food than bread and water, and only a pad of straw to lie upon. Before his release could be obtained, he was obliged to take an oath, and give bond, that he would preach no more, but depart out of the kingdom in a month, and never more return. Al l this was done without any exception against his doctrine or his life.t Such were the shocking barbarities of the above prelates. .

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