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John Maverick

John Maverick was minister at some place near Exeter, and of good repute among the puritans. Towards the end of the year 1639, a congregational church was formed in the New Hospital at Plymouth; on which occasion a day of solemn fasting and prayer was observed, when Mr. White of Dorchester preached in the morning, and in the afternoon the pious people chose the two famous preachers, Mr. Maverick and Mr. John Warham, to the office of pastors, when they signified their acceptance of the charge. The persecution of the nonconformists was now become exceedingly hot in every corner of the land; therefore these good people, together with their ministers, resolved to transport themselves to a foreign land. They wished to enjoy the ordinances of the gospel without human corruptions; and the blessing of religious liberty without human oppressions. The above step was preparatory to their departure; and the year following they sailed for New England.? Upon their arrival in the new colony, they settled at Dorchester, where Mr. Maverick continued pastor of the church to the day of his death. This was the third church formed in New England. In the year 1636, Mr. Richard Mather became his assistant; and upon Mr. Maverick's death, soon alter, he became his successor in the pastoral office,^

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