William Burton

William Burton, A. B.—This pious minister was born in the city of Winchester, and educated first at Wickham school, then in New College, Oxford, where he was chosen fellow. He was afterwards beneficed in the city of Norwich, where Sir William Perryman, afterwards lord chief baron, a worthy religious person, and a great promoter of christian piety, was his great friend and patron. In 1583, his name is among the Norfolk divines, above sixty in all, who scrupled subscription to Whitgift's three articlcs.f Whether, on account of his nonconformity, he felt the iron hand of the archbishop, by suspension, deprivation, or imprisonment, as was the case with many of his brethren,

we have not been able to learn. His being under the wing of so honourable and worthy a patron, might prove a sufficient protection. One of the same name, and probably the same person, was afterwards a minister in Bristol, then at Rending in Berkshire, and lastly at St. Sepulchre's, London, where he died about November, 1612.# There were two other Mr. William Burtons, both persons of distinguished eminence, who lived about the same time.t

His Works.—I. A Sermon preached at Norwich, on Jcr. iii. 14., 1589.—2. A Catechism containing certain Questions and Answers concerning the Knowledge of God, and the right use of the Law,

1591. —3. David's Evidence; or, the Assurance of God's Love,

1592. —4. A Caveat for Sureties, 1593.—5. Exposition of the Lord's Prayer, drawn into Questions and Answers, 1594.—6. The Rousing of the Sluggard, 1595.—7. Conclusions of Peace between God and Man, containing comfortable Meditations for the Children of God, 1595.—8. Sermons on the Church's I-nvc to Christ her Husband, 1595. —9. David's Thanksgiving for the Arraignment of the Man of Earth, 1598.—10. Ten Sermons on Matt. v. 3, 4., 1602.—11. The Anatomy of Belial, 1C02.—12. Certain Questions and Answers concerning the Attributes of God, 1602.—13. Questions and Answers concerning the right use of the Law of God, 1602.—14. An Abstract of the Doctrine of the Sabbath, briefly, yet fully and plainly set forth, 1606.

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