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Cuthbert Sydenham

Cuthbert Sydenham, A. M.—This divine was born at Truro in Cornwall, in the year 1622, and educated in St. Alban's-hall, Oxford. He continued at Oxford till after the commencement of the civil wars, and the place was garrisoned by the royal forces; at which time he left the university, and espoused the cause of the parliament. About the year 1644, he became lecturer of St. Nicholas church, at Newcaslle-upon-Tyne; "where," says Wood, "by his constant and confident preaching, he gained more respect than any venerable minister in that or another corporation." This could not indeed be his fault. He was undoubtedly most deserving of it. In the year 1650, by virtue of letters from the commissioners of parliament, for regulating the university of Oxford, he was created master of arts. In those letters they gave him a most excellent character. He was a constant and zealous preacher, and a man of great learning and piety, frequently exercising a holy jealousy over his own heart.* But retiring to London for the benefit of his health, and to superintend the printing of some of his books, he there died, about March 25, 1654, aged thirty-two years.

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His Works.—1. A Christian, Sober, and Plain Exercitation of the two grand practical Controversies of these Times, Infant Baptism and Singing of Psalms, 1653.—2. The great Mysterie of Godliness, opened in several Sermons, 1664—3. Hypocrisie Discovered in its Nature and Workings, being the Sum of Seven Sermons, 1654.— 4. The False Brother; or, the Mapp of Scotland, drawn by an English Pencil.—5. Anatomy of Joh. Lilbourn's Spirit and Pamphlets; or, a Vindication of the Two Honourable Patriots, Oliver Cromwell, Lord Governor of Ireland, and Sir Artli. Haselrigg, Knight and Baronet; wherein the said Lilbourn is demonstratively proved to be a common Lyer, and unworthy of civil Converse.

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