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Jerom Turner

Jerom Turner, A. B.—This worthy person was born at Yeovil in Somersetshire, in the year 1615, and educated at Edmund's-hall, Oxford. Having finished his studies at the university, he became schoolmaster at Bear in Devonshire, where he also preached as assistant to his friend and kinsman, Mr. Hugh Gulidry, for the space of two years. At the expiration of this period, he removed to Exmouth in the same county, where, for about two years, he was assistant to Mr. William Hook, afterwards silenced at the restoration.+ He next removed to Compton, near the place of his nativity, and afterwards became chaplain to Sir Thomas Trenchard. But, upon the commencement of the civil war, he was forced to flee for safety, when he took refuge at Southampton. There he abode during the national confusions, and preached among the puritans with considerable approbation. Upon the conclusion of the wars, in 1646, he became pastor at Netherbury in Dorsetshire, where he continued a zealous and useful preacher to the time of his death. In the year 1654 he was appointed one of the assistant commissioners of Dorsetshire, for ejecting ignorant and scandalous ministers. Wood says, " his love to learning was very great, and his delight in the ministerial exercise was greater than his weak body could bear. He had a strong memory, was well skilled in Greek and Hebrew, and was a constant, zealous, fluent, and useful preacher; but," says he, "too much addicted to Calvinism."t He died at Aetherbury, November 27, 16jj, aged forty years.

His Works.—1. A Breast-plate tor the Keeping of the Heart, 1660.—2. A Rich Treasurie for the Promises, 1660.—3. An Exposition on ihe first Chap, of the Epistle of St. Paul to tin- Ephcsians.

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