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John Gumbleden

John Gumbleden, A. M.—This person was born in Hampshire, in the jear 1.398, and educated first at Broadgate-hall, then in Chiisi's clmich, Oxford, where he took his degrees in arts. In 1(582 he was admitted to the reading of the sen;encts. After completing his studies at the university, lu pleached for several yeais at Longworth in Berkshne. VV hen ihe civil wars broke out, he espoused the cause of the parliament, became chaplain to Robert, earl of Leicester, and afterwards, for some time, rector of Coytchurch in Glamorganshire. In this situation he died about the month of October, 1657, aged fifty-nine years. His remains were interred in the chancel of the church at that place.*

His Works.—1. A Sermon on Gen. vi. 5—7., 1628.—2. A Sermon on Gen. xxii. 1, 2., 1627.—3. God's great Mercy to Mankind in Jesus Christ, a Sermon at Paul's Cross, on lsa liii. 6., 1028.—4. Two Sermons before the University of Oxford, 1657.—5. Christ tempted, the Devil conquered: or, a short Exposition on a Part of the 1-onrth Chapter of St Matthew's Gospel, 1667.—6. A Sermon on Acts i. 1—5.

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