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John Price

John Price was a zealous preacher among the independents, during the civil wars. Edwards styles him "an exchange-man, a beloved disciple of Mr. John Goodwin, and one of his prophets; who used to preach for him when he had any book to answer, or some libertine tractate to set forth." He then gives the following account of him: "This Master Price Contents not himself to preach only in London, but I hear that he was lately at Bury St. Edmunds; that he there preached in a house, and maintained certain dangerous and heretical opinions; as, that men might be saved who were not elected, and that if men improve nature well, God will surely give them grace. So that it seems this exchangeman sells other wares besides independency and separation, and does with feigned words make merchandize of men's souls." This scurrilous writer adds: "Master Price was also at a meeting here in London, where some of several sects, seekers, antinomians, anabaptists, brownists, independents, met with some presbyterians, to consider how all these might live together, notwithstanding their several opinions; and he was, as all the sectaries were, for a general toleration; and they agreed together like buckle and thong, •nly die presbyterians were not satisfied."

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In the year 1646, Mr. Price published several pamphlets on the controversies of the day. One was written in defence of independency; two others were replies, one to the City Remonstrance, the other to a Vindication of the Remonstrance. In politics he seems to have been of republican principles, ascribing the supreme power of the kingdom to the house of commons; and this is all that we know of him.*

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