Stephen Geree

Stephen Geree, A. B.—This person was elder brother to Mr. John Geree, another puritan divine; was born in Yorkshire, in the year 1594, and educated in Magdalenhall, Oxford. Having finished his academical pursuits at the university, he entered upon the ministerial work, but laboured most probably in the two-fold capacity of minister and schoolmaster. On the approach of the civil wars, he took part w ith the parliament, became minister of Wonnersh, near Guildford in Surrey; but he afterwards removed to Abinger in the same county. Wood, in contempt, styles him "a zealous brother in the cause that was driven on by the saints."t He appears to have been living in 1656, but died probably soon after that period. He published several sermons, one of which is entitled, " The Ornament of Women; or, a Description of the true Excellency of Women, at the Funeral of Mrs. Eliz. Machel, on Prov. xxxi. 29, 30"—1639. He also published "The Doctrine of the Antinomians by Evidence of God's Truth plainly Confuted, in an Answer to divers dangerous Doctrines in (he seven first Sermons of Dr. Tob. Crisp," 1644; and "The Golden Meane, being some Considerations, together with some Cases of Conscience, resolved, for the more frequent Administration of the Lord's Supper," 1656.

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