Thomas Temple

Thomas Temple, D. D.—This learned divine was brother to Sir John Temple, master of the rolls, and one of his majesty's privy council in Ireland. He was fellow of Trinity college, Dublin, and afterwards resided for some time in Lincoln college, Oxford. He was beneficed first at Winwick in Northamptonshire, then at Battersea in Surrey. At this last place he was labouring in the year 1639, having Mr. Samuel Wells for his assistant.? Upon tlie commencement of the civil war, he espoused the cause of the parliament; and, in 164.S, was appointed one of the licensers of the press, and nominated one of the assembly of divines, and he constantly attended during the session. He was one of the committee for the examination and ordination of ministers.** In 1645, he was chosen one of the committee of accommodations t In each of these public offices he discovered great learning and moderation. In the year 1648, he united with

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the rest of the London ministers in their protestation against the king's death.* Wood denominates him " a forward preacher."* He frequently preached before the parliament, ■and several of his sermons were afterwards published, one of which is entitled, " Christ's Government in and over his People, delivered before the honourable House of Commons at their Fast, October 26, 1G42, on Psalm ii. 6.," 1642. But when he died we have not been able to learn.

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