William Carter

William Carter was born in the year 1605, and educated in the university of Cambridge, after which he became a very popular preacher in London. In the year 1643, he was appointed one of the licensers of the press; and, the same year, was chosen one of the assembly of divines, upon which he constantly attended. After some time he joined the independents, became one of the dissenting brethren in the assembly, and discovered his great zeal, learning, and moderation in support of their distinguishing sentiments.i In 16.54, he was appointed one of the tryers of public preachers, in which capacity Dr. Walker has endeavoured to depreciate his memory-, with that of other learned divines.* He had frequent offers of preferment, but, being dissatisfied with the parochial discipline of those times, he refused them all. He was, nevertheless, indefatigable in his ministry, preaching twice every Lord's day to two large congregations m the city, besides weekly lectures and other occasional services. He was one of the preachers before the parliament. His incessant and arduous labours wasted his strength, and put an end to his life about the month of June, 1658, aged fifty-three years. He was a good scholar, an admired preacher, and a man of most exemplary piety. His relations were afterwards great sufferers by the purchase of bishops* lands.g He was author of a sermon entitled, " Israel's Peace with God Benjamin's Overthrow; preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at their late solemn Fast, July 27, 1642."

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