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William Sandbrooke

William Sandbrooke, L. B.—This pious person was educated in Gloucester-hall, Oxford; and in 1635 he became rector of St. Peter's church in that city, where his preaching

* Granger's Bisg. Hist. vol. iii. p. 48. '+ Wood's Atheua: Oxon. vol. ii. p. 139, 140. t Neal's Purilans, vol. iv. p. 184. S Palmer's Noncon. Mem. vol. i. p. 125, 426.

|| The MS. of this excellent work, and apparently in Mr. Sedgwick's •wn band, ij in the possession of the author.

'was much followed by the religious and puritanical scholars. Upon the conimencement of the civil war, he espoused the cause of the parliament, left the university, and went to sea as chaplain to the Earl of Warwick, admiral to the parliament However, in 1644, being tired of a sea employment, he became the officiating minister at St. Margaret's church, Rochester, when Mr. Selvey, the incumbent, to his great honour, allowed him all the profits of the living. Afterwards, by the powers which then were, he was appointed one of the three lecturers at the cathedral in that city, " purposely," says our author," to preach down the heresies and blasphemies of Richard Coppin, and his bigoted followers." He died at Rochester in the mouth of March, 1608, leaving behind him the character of a godly and painful preacher.»' He published a work entitled, "'ITie Church' the proper Subject of the New Covenant," 1646; and "Several Sermons," 1657.

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