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Daniel Wight

Daniel Wight was a zealous minister of Christ, but greatly harassed for many years, on account of his nonconformity. It is very probable that he preached at some place in London or its vicinity. In the year 1573, when Mr. Johnson and others were sent to the Gatehouse, Mr. Wight and several of his brethren were committed to Newgate. We do not, however, find how long he remained under the bondage of his enemies.;| As Mr. Johnson afterwards died under the pressure of his rigorous confinement; so Mr. Wight afterwards obtained his liberty, and was restored to his ministry. He subscribed the " Book of Discipline," and took an active part in the associations; for

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which his study was broken open, and searched, and his private papers were carried away. Those papers contained some of the resolutions agreed upon at their associations 5 among which were the following:—" That private baptism ig unlawful.—That the sign of the cross ought not to be used in baptism.—That the calling of bishops is unlawful. —That the people ought to be taught church discipline.— That ministers ought to be called by their flocks.—And that no minister ought to subscribe to the Book of Common Prayer."* These were the dangerous resolutions and opinions of Mr. Wight and his brethren, for which they were apprehended and cast into prison. They were most shamefully reproached and insulted in the high commission and star-chamber; and were under confinement in the year 1592, having been in prison nearly two years. Whether Mr. Wight continued much longer in bondage, we cannot ascertain.+

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