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Mr. Millain

Mr. Millain was fellow of Christ's college, Cambridge, and one of the preachers to the university. He maintained liberty of conscience, and publicly avowed his sentiments. Being thoroughly dissatisfied with the corruptions in the church, he openly declared his opinion of them, as things worthy of censure. In the year 1572, having delivered a sermon in St. Mary's church, he was convened before the vice-chancellor Dr. Bying, and the heads of colleges, when he was charged with having delivered the following opinions:—1. " That the ordering and making of ministers as used in the church of England, is an horrible confusion, and contrary to the word of God.—2. That ignorant and unpreaching ministers are no ministers.— 3. That such as are not called by some particular congregation, are no ministers.—4. That able and sufficient ministers are rejected from the sacred function.—5. That the clergy of England deface and pull down the church, by maintaining both adultery and idolatry.—6. That to command saints' eves to be observed, is idolatry.—7. That to command saints' days to be kept as days of fasting, is abominable idolatry."—When he was examined upon these

Joints, he confessed the whole, declaring that what he ad delivered was according to the word of God. Refusing, therefore, to revoke these dangerous errors, as they are called, he was expelled from his college, and driven from the university.^

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