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Nicholas Standen

Nicholas Standen was educated in the university of Cambridge; he became rector of St. Magaret-Pattens, London; but was deprived, it is supposed, for nonconformity, in 1568.t He was a learned and religious man, an orthodox divine, and ever zealous for a reformation of the church; often meeting with his brethren to promote the desired object. About the year 1570, he was chaplain to the Earl of Warwick, in his expedition against the rebels in the north.} In 1572, he was a member of the presby

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church erected at Wandsterian church erected at Wandsworth in Surrey.* About two years after this, he was accused of being concerned in (Jndertree's sham plot; and with Mr. Bonham, another puritan minister, was cast into prison: but upon their examination, being found innocent, they were both acquitted, and released by order of the council. + Mr. Standen and Mr. lionham were convened before the high commission for nonconformity, and committed to prison, where they remained a long time. After having endured a shameful confinement, together with the sickness of the prison, they were released by order of the queen, as will appear more at large in another placet

Mr. Standen, with other nonconformable ministers, wrote an answer to this question, " Whether the ministers, for certain ceremonies laid upon them under pretence of policy only, may forsake their ministry ?" Upon this question, he gives his opinion with great freedom, particularly against the use of the cross in baptism. He proves with great clearness, that the use of the cross in that ordinance, is wholly founded in superstition ; that it can answer no good purpose whatever, but oftentimes a bad one; and consequently, that it ought to be laid aside.1} This divine being always anxious to obtain better regulations in the church, united with his brethren about the year 1586, in subscribing the "Book of Discipline."!

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