Volume 2

The Exodus and The Wanderings in the Wilderness
  • Preface

  • Chapter 1

    Egypt and its History during the Stay of the Children of Israel, as Illustrated by the Bible and Ancient Monuments.

  • Chapter 2

    The Children of Israel in Egypt - Their Residences, Occupations, Social Arrangements, Constitution, and Religion - A new King who knew not Joseph.

  • Chapter 3

    The Birth and the Training of Moses, Both in Egypt and in Midian as Preparatory to his Calling.

  • Chapter 4

    The Call of Moses - The Vision of the Burning Bush - The Commission to Pharaoh and to Israel - The three "Signs" and their Meaning.

  • Chapter 5

    Moses Returns into Egypt - The Dismissal of Zipporah -Moses meets Aaron - Their Reception by the Children of Israel - Remarks on the Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart

  • Chapter 6

    Moses and Aaron deliver their Message to Pharaoh - Increased Oppression of Israel - Discouragement of Moses - Aaron shows a Sign - General View and Analysis of each of the Ten "Strokes" or Plagues

  • Chapter 7

    The Passover and its Ordinances - The Children of Israel leave EGYPT - Their First Resting-places - The Pillar of Cloud and of Fire - Pursuit of Pharaoh - Passage through the Red Sea -Destruction of Pharaoh and his Host - The Song "on the other side"

  • Chapter 8

    The Wilderness of Shur - The Sinaitic Peninsula - Its Scenery and Vegetation - Its Capabilities of Supporting a Population -The Wells of Moses - Three Days March to Marah - Elim -Road to the Wilderness of Sin - Israel's Murmuring - The Miraculous Provision of the Quails - The Manna.

  • Chapter 9

    Rephidim - The Defeat of Amalek and its meaning - The Visit of Jethro and its symbolical import.

  • Chapter 10

    Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai - The Preparations for the Covenant - The "Ten Words?" and their meaning.

  • Chapter 11

    Civil and Social Ordinances of Israel as the People of God - Their Religious Ordinances in their National Aspect - The "Covenant made by Sacrifice" and the Sacrificial Meal of Acceptance.

  • Chapter 12

    The Pattern seen on the Mountain - The Tabernacle, the Priesthood, and the Services in their Arrangement and Typical Meaning - The Sin of the Golden Calf - The Divine Judgment - The Plea of Moses - God's gracious Forgiveness - The Vision of the Glory of the Lord vouchsafed to Moses.

  • Chapter 13

    Moses a Second Time on the Mount - On his Return his Face shineth - The Rearing of the Tabernacle - Its Consecration by the seen Presence of Jehovah.

  • Chapter 14

    Analysis of the Book of Leviticus - The Sin of Nadab and Abihu - Judgment upon the Blasphemer.

  • Chapter 15

    Analysis of the Book of Numbers - The Numbering of Israel - and that of the Levites - Arrangement of the Camp, and its Symbolical Import - The March.

  • Chapter 16

    The Offerings of the - Princes - The setting apart of the Levites - Second Observance of the Passover.

  • Chapter 17

    Departure from Sinai - March into the Wilderness of Paran - At Taberah and Kibroth-hattaavah.

  • Chapter 18

    Murmuring of Miriam and Aaron - The Spies sent to Canaan -Their "Evil Report" - Rebellion of the People, and Judgment pronounced upon them - The defeat of Israel "unto Hormah".

  • Chapter 19

    The Thirty-eight Years in the Wilderness - The Sabbath-breaker - The Gainsaying of Korah and of his Associates - Murmuring of the People; The Plague, and how it was stayed - Aakon's Rod budding, blossoming, and bearing Fruit.

  • Chapter 20

    The Second Gathering of Israel in Kadesh - The Sin of Moses and Aaron - Embassy to Edom - Death of Aaron - Retreat of Israel from the borders of Edom - Attack by the Canaanitish King of Arad.

  • Chapter 21

    Journey of the Children of Israel in "compassing" the land of Edom - The "Fiery Serpents" and the "Brazen Serpent" - Israel enters the land of the Amorites - Victories over Sihon and over Og, the kings of the Amorites and of Bashan - Israel camps in "the lowlands of Moab" close by the Jordan.