Communion Hymns


Cbe Supper of

FOR the bread and for the wine,
For the pledge that seals Him mine,
For the words of love divine,

We give Thee thanks, O Lord.

For the feast of love and peace,
Bidding all our sorrows cease,
Earnest of the kingdom's bliss,

We give Thee thanks, O Lord.

Only bread and only wine,
Yet to faith the solemn sign
Of the heavenly and divine!

We give Thee thanks, O Lord.

For the words that turn our eye
To the cross of Calvary,
Bidding us in faith draw nigh,

We give Thee thanks, O Lord.

For the words that tell of home,
Pointing us beyond the tomb,
'Do ye this until I come,'

We give Thee thanks, O Lord.

For that coming, here foreshown,
For that day to man unknown,
For the glory and the throne,

We give Thee thanks, O Lord.

3be JFcast 2>ag.

THIS is the day of fellowship and love;
And this the hour of happy festival,
Now earth holds converse with the Heaven above,
Into His presence here the King His own doth

Here is the upper chamber, calm as heaven,
Where the Lord keepeth His true passover,

With His true Israel; the dark angel sees The blood-besprinkled door, and cannot enter here.

O upper chamber, guest-room, far apart

From earthly tumult, where no stranger comes;

Chamber of peace, and ante-room of heaven, Earnest and symbol here of the one home of homes.

This is the table of the ages past,

Round which the Church of every time and

tongue Has gathered in its joy, to celebrate

The one great sacrifice with never-ending song.

This is the board at which the Master sits
In heavenly grace, to commune with His own;

The peace that passeth understanding here
He gives, the love that passeth knowledge
maketh known.

These are the viands set before His guests,
Celestial shewbread, by our Aaron given;

Our great Melchizedec's true bread and wine,
The more than angels' food, the fare of highest

Here is the shadow of the tree of life,
Where the one household, bought with precious

Rest for a season in their onward march
To the one resting-place;—city and home of God.

Behold the family of the redeemed,

Washed in one blood, clothed in one raiment


All, all, by birth the children of the night, But now, each one a king and priest, a son and heir.

Behold the banner waving o'er our head,

With love inscribed upon each beauteous fold,

The royal banner, gleaming far and wide,

And by the King's own hand in all its light unrolled.

Peace like a river floweth on and on,

For He who is our peace, draws sweetly near; The well-known voice once heard on earth now


From heaven, in changeless love, 'Lo, I am with you here!'

Truth sparkles out, and words become twice bright, As we together take the bread and wine,

These signs are love's own pledges, here we sing 'I my Beloved's am, and my Beloved's mine.'

And as we sit and muse, and love, and hope,
The symbols speak, though every lip is dumb;

Uttering as from the opened heavens above,
The soul-reviving words 'Behold I come, I come!'
January 30, 1881.


'Christusque nobis sit cibns,
Potusque noster sit Christus,
Laeti bibamus sobriam
Ebrietatem Spiritus.'—Old Hymn.

ONE Christ we feed upon, one living Christ,
Who once was dead, but lives for ever now;
One is the cup of blessing which we bless,

True symbol of the blood which from the cross did flow.

Oh feed me daily on the living bread,
Refresh me hourly with the living wine!

Oh satisfy my famished soul with food,

And quench my thirst with fruit of the eternal vine!

Thy flesh is meat indeed, my God and Lord;

Thy blood is drink indeed for evermore: On Thee alone I feed, of Thee I drink,

That into this sick soul the heavenly health may pour.

My life, my everlasting life art Thou,

My health, my joy, my strength, I owe to Thee: Because Thou livest, I shall also live,

And where Thou art in glory, there I too shall be. .

Thou with us, and Thou in us,—this is life;

All that the Father is, in Thee we see: O Christ of God, what art Thou not to us,

And what of wealth is there we may not find in Thee!

Great All in all, eternal Word made flesh,

Alpha and Omega, creation's King, The Church's Head, the Church's Bridegroom too,

Thee, blessed Saviour, Thee we celebrate and sing.

Chief of ten thousand, lovely and beloved,
The Rose of Sharon, ever fresh and fair,

In Thee is all created beauty found,
All uncreated excellence is truly there.

O Christ, we praise Thee for Thy glory great,
But for Thy death of love we praise Thee


We praise Thee, Son of the eternal God,
We praise the Father too, we praise the Holy

Gfce Citg of tbe forgiven.

Isa. xxxiii. 24.

of celestial health,
^^ Into which no sickness comes;
Where, in everlasting wealth,

We shall find our home of homes.
City of the tranquil breast,

Where the heartache is unknown;
Harbour of securest rest,

Life's long tempest past and gone:
There, amid the holy blest,
I shall be a welcome guest,
I a sinner, yet at rest.

City of eternal love,

Dwelling-place of the forgiven,
Glory of the realm above,

Centre of the sinless heaven,

Palace of the crowned host;

Army upon army see, Gathered from earth's countless lost, Clothed in heavenly purity: There, amid the holy blest, I shall be a welcome guest, I a sinner, yet at rest.

City of the cleansed and fair,

With the raiment like the light; Sons of morning, shining there, Sons of gladness ever bright. City of unweeping eyes,

Where the tear-drop falleth not; Sorrows, farewells, broken ties, All for evermore forgot: There, amid the holy blest, I shall be a welcome guest, I a sinner, yet at rest.

City of unsetting suns,

Where the sky is clear and pure, Where the earthly-gathered ones

Find themselves in peace secure. City of the feast and song,

Seat of sacred mirth above, Where the voices, sweet and strong, Sing the endless song of love: There, amid the holy blest, I shall be a welcome guest, I a sinner, yet at rest.

City where the ransomed meet
From a thousand lands afar;
Where the parted we shall greet,

Safe from earthly storm and war; Where the Bridegroom clasps his bride,

Reached at last the blessed goal,
Seats her at His happy side,
Best-belovbd of His soul:
There, amid the holy blest,
I shall be a welcome guest,
I a sinner, and at rest.

Xove tbat passetb

THE love of Heaven has come to earth,
The love of God to sinful men;
The love that giveth life and light,

Through Him who died and rose again.
This word of love to man He speaks:
Who shall that word of love unsay?
'As far as east is from the west,
So far I bear your sins away'

The peace of Heaven has come to earth,
The peace of God to sinners here;

It shineth sweetly from the cross,
It takes from us each guilty fear.

This word of peace to man He speaks;

Who shall that word of peace unsay? 'As far as east is from the west,

So far I bear your sins away.'

O sons of sorrow and of sin,

Life from the God of life receive! He loveth not to see you die, Oh, listen, and your souls shall live! The word of life to man He speaks; Who shall that word of life unsay? 'As far as east is from the west, So far I bear your sins away.'

O children of the cross and crown,

Whose life is hid with Christ in God, Sing ye each day the song of light,

The song of freedom through the blood. 'Tis He who gives that song of light;

Who shall His words of grace unsay? 'As far as east is from the west, So far I bear your sins away.'

O children of the festival,

To whom the crown and throne belong, Sing at His table here on earth The prelude of the endless song. 'Tis He who biddeth us rejoice;

Who shall His words of grace unsay? 'As far as east is from the west, So far J bear your sins away.'

Complete In 1bim.

HE bore the sin!
Alone He bore the load;
For us He drank the cup,—
Jesus, the Son of God.
He bore the sin!

He paid the debt!

He paid it with His blood;
Each claim He satisfied,—

All that we owe to God.
He paid the debt!

He made the peace!

He silences each fear;
He is Himself the peace,

By blood He brings us near. He made the peace!

He did the work!

The law He magnified;
Our lifetime's failure He

Hath gloriously supplied.
He did the work!

The foe He fought!

Our foe and His He slew;
He leads us in the war,

Almighty to subdue.
The foe He fought!

He won the life!

Life by His death He won;
That life He giveth us,

The glory and the crown.
He won the life!

Cbe Drops of tbe

Song Of Solomon, v. 2.

OUT in the dew and cold He stands,
The drops of night are on His hair:
In patient love He waits without;
And who, who keeps Him there?

All heaven is in His earnest voice,
All glory on His brow so fair:

In sorrowing love He stands without;
And who, who keeps Him there?

'Open to Me, beloved one,

With Me thy heart and dwelling share:' But still at the barred door He stands;

And who, who keeps Him there?

He hath no place to lay His head,
No one a home or roof will spare:

No one respondeth when He knocks;
And who, who keeps Him there?

The winds are out, the storm is up,
Freezing and sharp the midnight air:

He does not leave, but knocketh on;
And who, who keeps Him there?

Our ear is sealed, our heart is cold,
And we refuse both hearth and fare:

He speaks, we hear not: Ah, 't is we,
Yes, we who keep Him there!

But now no more we shut Thee out,

0 Thou, the fairest of the fair: Come in, Thou blessed One; we will

No longer keep Thee there.

He cometh in, my board I spread,
My wine and viands I prepare:

The nights-drops fall, the night-winds blow;
He is no longer there.

He sups with me, and I with Him,

1 wipe the night-drops from His hair: I hear no more His knock without;

He is no longer there.

Cbe Supper an& tbe

TILL He come we own His name,
Round His table gathering;
One in love and faith and hope,

Waiting for an absent King.
Blessed table, where the Lord

Sets for us His choicest cheer; Angels have no feast like this, Angels wait, but sit not here.

Till He come we eat this bread,

Seated round this heaven-spread board; Till He come we meet and feast,

In remembrance of the Lord. In the banquet-house of love,

In the Bridegroom's garden fair; Thus we sit and feast and praise, —

Angels look, but cannot share.

Till He come we take this cup, —

Cup of blessing and of love; Till He come we drink this wine,

Emblem of the wine above, — Emblem of the blood once shed,

Blood of Him our sins who bare; Angels look, but do not drink,

Angels never taste such fare.

Till He come, beneath the shade
Of His love we sit and sing;

Over us His banner waves,
In His hall of banqueting.

Happy chamber, where the Lord
Spreads the feast with viands rare;

Angels now are looking on,
Angels serve, but cannot share.

Till He come, we wear the badge

Of the ancient stranger-band; Leaning on our pilgrim-staff,

Till we reach the glorious land. Homeless here, like Him we love,

Watch we still in faith and prayer; Angels have no watch like ours,

Angels have no cross to bear.

Till He come, we fain would keep

These our robes of earth unsoiled: Looking for the festal dress,

Raiment of the undefiled.
Ha! these robes of purest light,

Fairest still among the fair!
Angels gaze, but cannot claim,

Angels no such raiment wear.

Till He come we keep the feast,

Emblem of the feast above; Marriage supper of the Lamb,

Festival of joy and love. Angels hear the bridal song,

Angels set the festal fare; Angels hear, but cannot join,

Angels wait, but cannot share.

Gbrtet for us.

ON merit not my own I stand;
On doings which I have not done,
Merit beyond what I can claim,
Doings more perfect than my own.

Upon a life I have not lived,
Upon a death I did not die,

Another's life, Another's death,
I stake my whole eternity.

Not on the tears which I have shed:
Not on the sorrows I have known,

Another's tears, Another's griefs,
On them I rest, on them alone.

Jesus, O Son of God, I build

On what Thy cross has done for me; There both my death and life I read,

My guilt, my pardon there I see.

Lord, I believe; oh deal with me
As one who has Thy word believed!

I take the gift, Lord look on me
As one who has Thy gift received.

I taste the love the gift contains,
I clasp the pardon which it brings,

And pass up to the living source
Above, whence all this fulness springs.

Here at Thy feast, I grasp the pledge
Which life eternal to me seals,

Here in the bread and wine I read
The grace and peace Thy death reveals.

O fulness of the eternal grace,
O wonders past all wondering!

Here in the hall of love and song,
We sing the praises of our King.

Cbe Cup of tbe Xord.

'The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ ?'—1 Cor. x. 16-21.

OF silver or of gold
Or cast in meaner mould,
It matters not: the chalice is the same.
Gemmed or ungemmed, it is
The cup of blessedness,

Bearing the Owner's and the Maker's name: Seal of the marvellous peace,

That from the Father came. Drink, drink ye all of this! Love on its lip engraved,

Grace in its depth profound, Light sparkling in each drop, All heaven within its round. It is the King's own cup, Beloved, drink it up:

His blood is drink indeed!

Vessel of fulness! now,

And evermore, from thee We drink the royal wine,

Wine of eternity. Vessel of fulness! there, Upon that table fair,

Thou stand'st, as thou hast stood,— Memorial of the mighty death,

Voice of the covenant blood; Pledge of the righteous peace

Made by the Righteous One,
Symbol of reconciling blood

Shed for unrighteous man.
Cup of the Master, we
In faith would drink of thee:
His blood is drink indeed!

Cup of the ages past!

Cup of the present hour! Cup of the years to come,

Still full of joy and power: We take thee in our hands,

Thee to our lips we press;
We drink, with ancient men,

The fulness of thy bliss,
Thy undiluted wine,
Still perfect and divine,
Fruit of the one True Vine!
Cup of the ages, here
We taste thy holy cheer:
His blood is drink indeed!

Cup of the Church! from which

The blood-bought family Of every clime have drunk,

Cup of Gethsemane,

And cup of Calvary; Cup of the cross and grave,— What numbers without number have

Partaken of thy grace, The white-robed multitude

Of every tribe and race! One table and one loaf,

One cup from age to age;
Our fathers' portion thou,

Our children's heritage.
Cup of God's Israel,
Thy virtue cannot fail:
His blood is drink indeed!

Christ's cup and ours thou art!

The one same chalice pours For both its wine of peace,

Wine of the Father's love

Descending from above.
Sweet cup of hope and heaven,

Of everlasting grace,
By our Redeemer given,

Seal of celestial bliss,
Of glory and of light,
For ever pure and bright.
Round thee in weakness here,

The children of the cross

With happy hearts unite.

Cup of the covenant! seal
The peace celestial:

His blood is drink indeed!

He is Himself the wine,
Refreshing and divine:
He is Himself the cup;
Take it, and drink it up.
It overflows with bliss,
With health and holiness.

From His once-smitten side
The blessed stream has burst

Which has all wants supplied,
And quenched our soul's deep thirst!
He is the board and feast
For each God-bidden guest:
His blood is drink indeed!

Cbfs oo in •Remembrance of

HERE, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face; Here would I touch and handle things


Here grasp with firmer hand the eternal grace,
And all my weariness upon Thee lean.

Here would I feed upon the bread of God,

Here drink with Thee the royal wine of heaven;

Here would I lay aside each earthly load,
Here taste afresh the calm of sin forgiven.

This is the hour of banquet and of song,
This is the heavenly table spread for me;

Here let me feast, and, feasting, still prolong
The brief, bright hour of fellowship with Thee.

Too soon we rise; the symbols disappear;

The feast, though not the love, is past and gone; The bread and wine remove, but Thou art here,

Nearer than ever, still my Shield and Sun.

I have no help but Thine; nor do I need
Another arm save Thine to lean upon;

It is enough, my Lord, enough indeed;

My strength is in Thy might, Thy might alone.

I have no wisdom, save in Him who is

My Wisdom and my Teacher, both in one;

No wisdom can I lack while Thou art wise,
No teaching do I crave save Thine alone.

Mine is the sin, but Thine the righteousness;

Mine is the guilt, but Thine the cleansing blood; Here is my robe, my refuge, and my peace,—

Thy blood, Thy righteousness, O Lord my God.

I know that deadly evils compass me;

Dark perils threaten, yet I would not fear, Nor poorly shrink, nor feebly turn to flee;

Thou, O my Christ, art Buckler, Sword, and Spear.

But see, the Pillar-cloud is rising now,

And moving onward through the desert night;

It beckons, and I follow, for I know
It leads me to the heritage of light.

Feast after feast thus comes and passes by,
Yet, passing, points to the glad feast above,

Giving sweet foretaste of the festal joy,
The Lamb's great bridal feast of bliss and love.

Oct. 1855.


NOW in parting, Father, bless us;
Saviour, still Thy peace bestow;
Gracious Comforter, be with us,
As we from this table go!

Bless us, bless us,
Father, Son, and Spirit now!

Bless us here, while still as strangers,
Onward to our home we move;

Bless us with eternal blessings,
In our Father's house above.

Ever, ever,
Dwelling in the light of love.

BbiMng peace.

T ONG years of peace:

•1—• When far from me seemed gloom and


When sorrow seemed an old man's dream, May I not once more feel your breath?

Long years of peace: I see afar in front of me

A heaven made up of years like yours,
A whole, a bright eternity.

Long years of peace:
I think of you as yet to come,

And wonder when Time's last New Year Shall gladly bid me welcome Home.

Written for New-Year's Day, 1886. Note.This was the last hymn written by Horatius Bonar.



A few more years shall roll 40

A sinful man am I 136

Acquaint thyself with God I. ..... 162

All night we watched the ebbing life .... 106

All that I was, my sin, my gnilt ..... 44

All the earth this day is crying . . . . .182

Angel-voices sweetly singing ..... 83

Are there not voices strangely sweet . ... 67

Ascribe ye strength to God 1 161

Bathed in nnfallen snnlight 75

Begin the day with God !...... 98

Beloved children, let the Master train you I . . .182
Beloved, let ns love: love is of God .... 196

Beyond the hills where suns go down . . . .100

Beyond the smiling and the weeping .... 26

Booming in, booming in I . . . . . .191

By the cross of Jesus standing 138

Calm me, my God, and keep me calm. . . . 56

City of celestial health 220

Come, Lord, and tarry not 65

Come, mighty Spirit, penetrate ..... 102

Death worketh 79

Deep down beneath the unresting surge . . .85
Does the way seem long and lonely 1 . 198

Done is the work that saves 131

Dropping down the troubled river .... 88

Earth's lamps are growing dim 87


Far down the ages now 23

Father, onr children keep! 154

Fondly, fondly retnrneth the daylight .... 64

For the bread and for the wine ..... 215

For the vision of the Bridegroom . . . . 197

Forgotten! no; that cannot be 212

From this green earth of onrs 206

Glory be to God the Father 153

Go, labour on; spend, and be spent .... 60

Go up, go up, my heart 57

Good-night, ye gems of beauty . . . . .156
Great Ruler of the land and sea ..... 189

Ha! yon burst of crystal splendour .... 1(5
Hard to be won! No, no, that cannot be! . . .187

He Iiore the sin 224

He died to live; for Jesus died 166

He has come! the Christ of God .... 51
He is coming; and the tidings ..... 83
He liveth long who liveth well! . . . . -9'

Hem of the seamless robe 169

Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face . . . 233
Here Peace alighted once . . . . . .211

How sweetly doth He ihow His face . . . . 155

I ask a perfect creed 104

I came and saw, and hoped to conquer ... 79

I close my heavy eye 59

I go to life, and not to death ... . .89

I hear the words of love ...... 96

I heard the voice of Jesus say 50

I know not in what watch He comes .... 207

I lay my sins on Jesus....... 46

I look along the past, and gather themes . . . 148

I miss the dear paternal dwelling .... 8

I see the crowd in Pilate's hall ..... 62


I suffer, that I may behold, when pain . . 159

I walk as one who knows that he is treading . 63

I was a wandering sheep ..... 48

I was in love with hill and vale .... 164

In the land of strangers ..... 208

In the still air the music lies unheard . . . no
In this great world of ours ...... 1 74

Into the heaven of the heavens hath He gone . .151

Jesus, while this rough desert-soil .... 43

Lie down, frail body, here ...... 38

Light of life, so softly shining ..... 168

Light of the world! for ever, ever shining ... 99

Long ages came and went ...... 175

Long days and nights upon this restless bed . . 209
Long years of peace . . . . . . .236

Lord, give me light to do Thy work .... 147

Make use of me, my God 1 . . . . . .112

Moonlight upon this sacred stream! . . . .120

My watch upon this sea-swept cliff is done I . . . 81

Nay, give me back my blossoms . . . . .124

No, not despairingly . . . . . . . 1 39

No shadows yonder! ....... 14

Noon! yet no sunshine! Somewhere outside the sun . 193

Not from Jerusalem alone ...... 73

Not what I am, O Lord, but what Thou art! . . 78

Not what these hands have done . . . 101
Not written down in haste, but in the quiet
Now in parting, Father, bless ns . .

O love of God, how strong and true! .
O love that casts out fear ...
Of old they sung the song of liberty .
Of silver or of gold ....
On his Lord's bosom now

On merit not my own I stand


One Christ we feed upon, one living Christ . . .218
Oppressed with noonday's scorching heat . . -52
Out in the dew and cold He stands .... 225

Past all pain for ever 35

Peace upon peace, like wave on wave .... 132
Praise ye the Lord, all things that be !. . . .163

Rejoice and be glad! The Redeemer has come! . . 202
Rest, weary Son of God; and I, with Thee . . . 135

Safe across the waters 118

Seamless and fair !....... 150

Sigh not for palm and vine . . . . . .122

Smooth every wave this heart within .... 102

Sometimes I catch sweet glimpses of His face . . 94
Soon this corruptible ....... 140

Sounds the trumpet from afar! 128

Stay, stay behind me here, my busy thoughts . . 213
Summer Ocean, idly washing . . . . .11
Sunlight has vanished, and the weary earth ... 43
Surely yon heaven, where angels see God's face . . 28
Sweet song of life! oh, sound again . . . .180

That clime is not like this dull clime of ours . . 15
That rising storm! It has awakened me . . .10

The angel has come down 178

The babe, the bride, the quiet dead . . . 133

The Christ of God hath come 176

The Church has waited long 20

The cross, it standeth fast 127

The love of Heaven has come to earth . . . 222

The loving morn is springing ..... 33

The morning, the bright and the beautiful morning . 53

The Son of God, in mighty love 49

These are the crowns that we shall wear . . .21

They did not die! 188

They have left the camp, with its tents outspreading . 113


They speak to me of princely Tyre . . . .121
This day of war and weariness ..... 108
This is not my place of resting ..... 25
This is the day of fellowship and love . . .216
This is the day of toil. ...... 144

Thou art no child of the city! 69

Thou must be true thyself 72

Through good report and evil, Lord . . . .146

Thy way, not mine, O Lord 66

Thy works, not mine, O Christ 45

Till He come we own His name . . . . .227

'Tis first the true and then the beautiful ... 5
'T is not for man to trifle! Life is brief . . .30
'T is only for a season ....... 204

'T is thus they press the hand and part . . -41
To dream a troubled dream, and then awaken . . 32
To have each day the thing I wish . . . -95

To know the Christ of God 92

To my beloved ones my steps are moving . . .158
'T was summer, and its youngest kiss . . . . in

Under Thy shadow ....... 200

Up and away, like the dew of the morning ... 29

Up now, my soul, 'tis day! . . . . . . 105

Upon this earth we lived and loved .... 185

Upward, where the stars are burning .... 129

Watch, brethren, watch! 195

We went to Bethlehem 211

What a world, with all its sorrows! . . . .60
When I shall wake on that fair morn of moms . . 203
When it is well with thee before thy God . . .165

When the weary, seeking rest 142

Where the faded flower shall freshen .... 6
Where the wave murmurs not 32

Yes, for me, for me He careth ..... 58
Yet there is room! The Lamb's bright hall of song . 184


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