Hymns of Faith and Hope Volume III

Cross and Throne.

THE cross, it standeth fast.

The winds of hell have blown,
Yet 'tis not overthrown.

It shall stand for ever.

It is the old cross still,


On which the living One
Did for man's sin atone.

It shall stand for ever.

Old cross, on thee I lean.


Old, and yet ever new,
I glory still in you.

Thou shalt stand for ever.

Beneath thy shade I sit,


O tree of health divine,
My refuge, even mine.

Thou shalt stand for ever.

The blood is on thee yet,—


The blood that maketh clean
The soul from stain and sin;

Thou shalt stand for ever.

And yet beyond thee still,—


I look and see a throne,
Christ's throne and mine in one;

Throne and cross for ever.

Cbe Idar Song of the Cburcb.

SOUNDS the trumpet from afar!
Soldiers of the holy war,
Rise; for you your Captain waits;
Rise, the foe is at the gates.

Arm! the conflict has begun;
Fight! the battle must be won;
Lift the banner to the sky,
Wave its blazing folds on high.

Banner of the blessed tree,—
Round its glory gather ye!
Warriors of the crown and cross,
What is earthly gain or loss?

Life with death, and death with life
Closes now in deadly strife;
Help us with Thy shield and sword,
King and Captain, mighty Lord!

King of glory Thou alone,
King of kings, Thy name we own!
With Thy banner overhead,
Not ten thousand foes we dread.

Spare not toil, nor blood, nor pain,
Not a stroke descends in vain;
Wounded, still no foot we yield
On this ancient battle-field.

More than conquerors even now,
With the war-sweat on our brow,
Onward o'er the well-marked road,
March we as the host of God.

Royal is the sword we wield,
Royal is our battle-field,
Royal is our victory,
Royal shall our triumph be.


UPWARD, where the stars are burning,
Silent, silent, in their turning
Round the never-changing pole;
Upward, where the sky is brightest,
Upward, where the blue is lightest,
Lift I now my longing soul.

Far above that arch of gladness,
Far beyond these clouds of sadness,

Are the many mansions fair.
Far from pain and sin and folly,
In that palace of the holy,

I would find my mansion there.

Where the glory brightly dwelleth,
Where the new song sweetly swelleth,

And the discord never comes;
Where life's stream is ever laving,
And the palm is ever waving,

That must be the home of homes.

Where the Lamb on high is seated,
By ten thousand voices greeted,

Lord of lords, and Kings of kings. Son of man, they crown, they crown Him, Son of God, they own, they own Him;

With His name the city rings.

Blessing, honour, without measure,
Heavenly riches, earthly treasure,

Lay we at His blessed feet.
Poor the praise that now we render,
Loud shall be our voices yonder,

When before His throne we meet.

abe "03odi tbat Saves.

DONE is the work that saves,
Once and for ever done;
Finished the righteousness

That clothes the unrighteous one.
The love that blesses us below
Is flowing freely to us now.

The sacrifice is o'er,

The veil is rent in twain,
The mercy-seat is red

With blood of victim slain; Why stand ye then without, in fear? The blood divine invites us near.

The gate is open wide;

The new and living way
Is clear and free and bright,

With love and peace and day.
Into the holiest now we come,
Our present and our endless home.

Upon the mercy-seat

The High Priest sits within;
The blood is in His hand

Which makes and keeps us clean. With boldness let us now draw near That blood has banished every fear.

Then to the Lamb once slain
Be glory, praise, and power,
Who died and lives again,

Who liveth evermore;
Who loved and washed us in His blood,
Who made us kings and priests to God

Divine peace.

"PEACE upon peace, like wave on wave,
A This is the portion that I crave;

The peace of God which passeth thought,
The peace of Christ which changeth not.

Peace like the river's gentle flow,
Peace like the morning's silent glow,
From day to day, in love supplied,
An endless and unebbing tide.

Peace flowing on, without decrease,
From Him who is our joy and peace,
Who, by His reconciling blood,
Hath made the sinner's peace with God.

Peace through the night and through the day,
Peace through all windings of our way;

In pain and toil and weariness,

A deep and everlasting peace.

O King of peace, this peace bestow

Upon a stranger here below;

O God of peace, Thy peace impart
To every troubled trembling heart.

Peace from the Father and the Son,
Peace from the Spirit, all His own;

Peace that shall never more be lost,
Of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

slbe Wbite "Raiment.

THE babe, the bride, the quiet dead,
Clad in peculiar raiment all,
Yet each puts on the spotless white
Of cradle, shroud, and bridal hall.

The babe, the bride, the shrouded dead,
Each entering on an untried home,

Wears the one badge, the one fair hue,
Of birth, of wedding, and of tomb.

Of death and life, of mirth and grief,
We take it as the symbol true;

It suits the smile, it suits the sigh,
That raiment of the stainless hue.

Not the rich rainbow's varied bloom,

That diapason of the light; Not the soft sunset's silken glow,

Or flush of gorgeous chrysolite.

But purity of perfect light,

Its native, undivided ray;
All that is best of moon and sun,

The purest of the dawn and day.

O cradle of our youngest age,

Adorned with white, how fair art thou! O robe of infancy, how bright!

Like moonlight on the moorland snow.

O bridal hall, and bridal robe,

How silver-bright your jewelled gleam!

Like sunrise on the gentle face
Of some translucent mountain-stream.

O shroud of death, so soft and pure,
Like starlight upon marble fair!

Ah, surely it is life, not death,

That in still beauty sleepeth there!

Mine be a robe more spotless still,
With lustre bright that cannot fade,

Purer and whiter than the robe
Of babe, or bride, or quiet dead.

Mine be the raiment given of God,
Wrought of fine linen clean and white,

Fit for the eye of God to see,
Meet for His home of holy light.

Hhere laid tbeg Jesus.

REST, weary Son of God; and I, with Thee,
Rest in that rest of Thine.
My weariness was Thine; Thou barest it,
And now Thy rest is mine.

Rest, weary Son of God, we joy to think

That all Thy toil is done.
No ache, no pang, no sigh for Thee again;

Thy joy is now begun.

Thy life on earth was one sad weariness;

Nowhere to lay Thine head. Thy days were toil and heat; Thy lonely nights

Sought some cold mountain bed.

How calmly in that tomb Thou liest now,

Thy rest how still and deep.
O'er Thee in love the Father rests, He gives

To His beloved sleep.

On Bethel-pillow now Thy head is laid

In Joseph's rock-hewn cell;
Thy watchers are the angels of Thy God,

They guard Thy slumbers well.

With Thee Thy God and Father still abides,

And Thou art not alone.
He in that still dark chamber is with Thee

The well-beloved Son.

Oh, silent, silent is Thy earthly tomb!

The raging of Thy foes
Is ended all; nor Jew nor Roman now

Can ruffle Thy repose.

No rabble-roar, nor din, nor scoff,

Can reach Thy holy ear; Hatred may shout, or love draw near to weep,

But nought now canst Thou hear.

Rest, weary Son of God! Thy work is done,

And all Thy burdens borne; Rest on that stone, till the third sun has brought

Thine everlasting morn.

Then to a higher, brighter, truer rest,

Upon the throne above,
Rise, weary Son of man, to carry out

Thy glorious work of love.

Ours may be yet a way of strife and toil,

But Thou from all art free;
Our future is an unknown weariness,

But all is well with Thee.

Come mnto One.

A SINFUL man am I,
.** Therefore I come to Thee;
To Thee the Holy and the Just,
That Thou mayest pity me.

Wert Thou not holy, Lord,
Why should I come to Thee?

It is Thy holiness that makes
Thee, Lord, so meet for me.

Wert Thou not gracious, Lord,

I must in dread depart;
It is the riches of Thy grace

That win and draw my heart.

Wert Thou not righteous, Lord,

I dare not come to Thee;
It is a righteous pardon, Lord,

Alone that suiteth me.

Our God is love,—we come;

Our God is light,—we stay; Abiding ever in His word,

And walking in His way.

Mercy and truth are His,

Unchanging faithfulness; The cross is all our boast and trust,

And Jesus is our peace.

We give Thee glory, Lord,

Thy majesty adore; Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

We bless for evermore.

ube Cross.

BY the cross of Jesus standing,
Love our straitened souls expanding,
Taste we now the peace and grace!
Health from yonder tree is flowing,
Heavenly light is on it glowing,

From the blessed Sufferer's face.

Here the holy, happy greeting,
Here the calm and joyful meeting,

God with man in glad accord;
Love that cross to us is telling,
Darkness, doubt, and fear dispelling;

Love in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Here is pardon's pledge and token,
Guilt's strong chain for ever broken,

Righteous peace securely made.
Brightens now the brow once shaded,
Freshens now the face once faded,

Peace with God now makes us glad.

All the love of God is yonder,
Love above all thought and wonder,

Perfect love that casts out fear.
Strength like dew is here distilling,
Glorious life our souls is filling,

Life eternal, only here!

Here the living water welleth,
Here the Rock, now smitten, telleth

Of salvation freely given.
This the fount of love and pity,
This the pathway to the city,

This the very gate of heaven!

Confession and peace.

NO, not despairingly
Come I to Thee;
No, not distrustingly
Bend I the knee.
Sin hath gone over me,
Yet is this still my plea,
Jesus hath died.

Ah, mine iniquity
Crimson has been:

Infinite, infinite,
Sin upon sin:

Sin of not loving Thee,

Sin of not trusting Thee,
Infinite sin.

Lord, I confess to Thee

Sadly my sin;
All I am tell I Thee,

All I have been.

Purge Thou my sin away,
Wash Thou my soul this day;
Lord, make me clean.

Faithful and just art Thou,

Forgiving all;
Loving and kind art Thou

When poor ones call.
Lord, let the cleansing blood,
Blood of the Lamb of God,

Pass o'er my soul.

Then all is peace and light

This soul within;
Thus shall I walk with Thee

The loved unseen.
Leaning on Thee, my God,
Guided along the road,

Nothing between.


SOON this corruptible
Shall, from the tomb,
Rise incorruptible,

Leaving the gloom.
Soon shall this mortal frame
Spring from its bed of shame,
When Christ hath come.

Bright morn of morns to me,

When I arise,
Leaving the grave behind;

When these dull eyes
Shall my Redeemer see
In immortality,

In yonder skies!

Then shall the glorious hope

Come from on high; Death shall be swallowed up

In victory.

Then shall we gladly sing, Death, where is now thy sting,

Thy victory?

Grave, where thy triumph now,

Thy victory?
Where are thy captives now?

Set free, set free!
Torn from thy grasp are they,
Plucked from thy power away,

Set free, set free!

Thanks then to God our Lord,

Thanks ever be!
Praises to Christ our Lord

For ever be!

Who, o'er the mortal gloom,
Who, o'er the hateful tomb,

Gives victory.


WHEN the weary, seeking rest,
To Thy goodness flee;
When the heavy-laden cast

All their load on Thee;
When the troubled, seeking peace,

On Thy name shall call;
When the sinner, seeking life,

At Thy feet shall fall: Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry, In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.

When the worldling, sick at heart,

Lifts his soul above;
When the prodigal looks back

To his father's love;
When the proud man, from his pride,

Stoops to seek Thy face;
When the burdened brings his guilt

To Thy throne of grace:
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry,
In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.

When the stranger asks a home,

All his toils to end;
When the hungry craveth food,

And the poor a friend;

When the sailor on the wave

Bows the fervent knee; When the soldier on the field

Lifts his heart to Thee: Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry, In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.

When the man of toil and care,

In the city crowd;
When the shepherd on the moor,

Names the name of God;
When the learned and the high,

Tired of earthly fame, Upon higher joys intent,

Name the blessed name: Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry, In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.

When the child, with grave fresh lip,

Youth, or maiden fair;
When the aged, weak and grey,

Seek Thy face in prayer;
When the widow weeps to Thee,

Sad and lone and low;
When the orphan brings to Thee

All his orphan woe:
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry,
In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.

When creation, in her pangs,

Heaves her heavy groan; When Thy Salem's exiled sons

Breathe their bitter moan;

When Thy widowed, weeping Church,

Looking for a home, Sendeth up her silent sigh,

Come, Lord Jesus, come! Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry, In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.


HP HIS is the day of toil,
.*. Beneath earth's sultry noon,
This is the day of service true;
But the rest cometh soon.

There remains a rest for us.

Serve we our God in faith,

No work for Him is vain;
Blessed and holy is the toil,
And infinite the gain.

There remains a rest for us.

Spend and be spent would we,

While lasteth time's brief day;
No turning back in coward fear,
No lingering by the way.

There remains a rest for us.

No fear of man or fiend,

No shrinking from the cross; We know what we have left behind, We know the gain and loss.

Hallelujah! There remains a rest for us.

Onward we press in haste,

Upward our journey still; Ours is the path the Master trod, Through good report and ill. Hallelujah! There remains a rest for us.

We have forsaken all,

Jesus, to follow Thee, We counted well the cost, O Lord, We pay it cheerfully.

Hallelujah! There remains a rest for us.

The way may rougher grow,

The weariness increase;
We gird our loins and hasten on,
The end, the end is peace.

There remains a rest for us.

We jfollow Cbee.

•"THROUGH good report and evil, Lord,
1 Still guided by Thy faithful word,
Our staff, our buckler, and our sword,

We follow Thee.

In silence of the lonely night,
In the full glow of day's clear light,
Through life's strange windings, dark or bright,
We follow Thee.

Strengthened by Thee, we forward go,
'Mid smile or scoff of friend or foe;
Through pain or ease, through joy or woe,
We follow Thee.

With enemies on every side,
We lean on Thee, the Crucified;
Forsaking all on earth beside,

We follow Thee.

Great Master, point Thou out the way,
Nor suffer Thou our steps to stray;
Then in the path that leads to day,

We follow Thee.

Thou hast passed on before our face,
Thy footsteps on the way we trace;
Oh keep us, aid us by Thy grace:

We follow Thee.

Whom have we in the heaven above, Whom on this earth save Thee to love? Still in Thy light we onward move:

We follow Thee.

Xigbt fot Wotft.

T ORD, give me light to do Thy work .
-•—• For only, Lord, from Thee
Can come the light, by which these eyes
The way of work can see.

The way is narrow, often dark,
With lights and shadows strewn;

I wander oft, and think it Thine,
When walking in my own.

Yet pleasant is the work for Thee,

And pleasant is the way;
But, Lord, the world is dark, and I

All prone to go astray.

Oh send me light to do Thy work!

More light, more wisdom give! Then shall I work Thy work indeed,

While on Thine earth I live.

The work is Thine, not mine, O Lord;

It is Thy race we run;
Give light, and then shall all I do

Be well and truly done.

CMnMul 'Remembrances.

T LOOK along the past, and gather themes -^ For praise to Thee, my ever-gracious God. It is a past of mercy, and it teems

With goodness at each step along the road.

Not always gladness and prosperity,

But always goodness from Thy patient hand; Always the love that, even in saddest day,

Traced its clear prints upon time's silent sand.

I thank Thee for a holy ancestry;

I bless Thee for a godly parentage; For seeds of truth and light and purity,

Sown in this heart from childhood's earliest age.

For word and church and watchful ministry,— The beacon and the tutor and the guide;

For the parental hand and lip and eye,

That kept me far from snares on every side.

I thank Thee for a true and noble creed,
For wisdom, poetry, and gentle song;

For the bright flower, and for the wayside weed,
The friendship of the kind and brave and strong.

I thank the love that kept my life from sin,
Even when my heart was far from God and truth;

That gave me, for a lifetime's heritage,
The purities of unpolluted youth;

That kept my eyes from gazing on the wrong,
And taught them all the sweetness of the right;

That made me, in my quiet hours, to long
To get beyond this darkness into light;

That shewed me that the world was not a rest,
Even when it looked the loveliest, and its face

Shone with the gladness of the glowing east,
When it foretells a noon of cloudlessness;

That told me that all pomp was but a name;

That gold and silver were not life and joy; That what to-day bestowed of love or fame,

To-morrow's breath would wither and destroy;

That kept me from the riotous and rude,
The oath, the lust, the revel, the lewd song;

That drew my footsteps to the wise and good,
And bid me shun the pleasure-loving throng;

That made me feel, even amid scenes most bright, At times a strange, dark void and vacancy;

A longing for the real and infinite,

For something that would fill and satisfy;

For suns that would not set; for stars and skies
O'er which no sorrow-laden cloud would sweep;

Beauty that lives, and love that never dies;
A deeper and diviner fellowship.

If earthly beauty, said I, be so fair,
How fairer far the beautiful above!

If creature love be so exceeding dear,
How dearer far the uncreated love!

O birth-place of the loveliness and light,
That shine so sweetly over earth and sea!

How excellent must Thou, the infinite,
Eternal Source of all that beauty, be!

Show me Thyself, then all is well with me,
Being of beings, fulness evermore;

Then shall my soul possess, my God, in Thee
Its never-emptying, everlasting store.

So shall the world be crucified to me,
So to the world shall I be crucified;

Thy face in righteousness, Lord, I shall see;
When I awake, I shall be satisfied.

OLet us not ren& it.

CEAMLESS and fair!

^ Let us not rend Thy perfect raiment, Lord! But ever keep it whole throughout, Maintaining in Thy Church a blest accord.

Let all be one!

One Church, one faith, one love, one hope,

one joy. One Bridegroom, and one holy bride.

This unity divine let none destroy.

One temple vast!

Builded of living stones by Thine own hand, One household, and one brotherhood,

Knit all together by love's perfect band.

Let truth prevail!

Truth ever true, not shifting with the wind. Walk we in light, as sons of noon,

The shadows that divide us left behind.

Let love prevail!

Love, the most excellent of gifts divine; The love that seeketh not her own,

Long-suffering love, all-patient, Lord, like Thine.

Let love prevail!

The love that envies not, that thinks no ill, That faileth not, but ever lives,

All things believing, hoping, bearing still.

So be it, Lord!

Even here on earth, where all things broken lie; So shall it be in love's own day,

In love's own kingdom everlastingly.

Cbe Song of tbe Xamb.

INTO the heaven of the heavens hath He gone;
Sitteth He now in the joy of the throne;
Weareth He now of the kingdom the crown;
Singeth He now the new song with His own.

Dwelleth the light of the glory with Him,
Light of a glory that cannot grow dim,
Light in its silence and beauty and calm,
Light in its gladness and brightness and balm.

Past are the darkness, the storm, and the war, Come is the radiance that sparkled afar; Breaketh the gleam of the day without end, Riseth the sun that shall never descend.

Soundeth the heaven of the heavens with His name,
Ringeth the earth with His glory and fame;
Ocean and mountain, stream, forest, and flower,
Echo His praises and tell of His power.

Ever ascendeth the song and the joy,
Ever descendeth the love from on high;
Blessing, and honour, and glory, and praise,
This is the theme of the hymns that we raise.

Life of all life, and true Light of all light,
Star of the dawning, unchangingly bright;
Son of the Salem whose lamp is the Lamb,
Theme of the ever new, ever glad psalm!

Give we the glory and praise to the Lamb,
Take we the robe, and the harp, and the palm;
Sing we the song of the Lamb that was slain,
Dying in weakness, but rising to reign.

Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power,
Wisdom, and riches, and strength evermore,
Give ye to Him who our battle hath won,
Whose are the kingdom, the crown, and the throne.


f'LORY be to God the Father,
V-1 Glory be to God the Son,
Glory be to God the Spirit,

Great Jehovah, Three in One;
Glory, glory,

While eternal ages run!

Glory be to Him who loved us,

Washed us from each spot and stain;

Glory be to Him who bought us,
Made us kings with Him to reign;

Glory, glory,
To the Lamb that once was slain.

Glory to the King of angels,
Glory to the Church's King,

Glory to the King of nations,

Heaven and earth your praises bring:

Glory, glory,
To the King of glory bring!

Glory, blessing, praise eternal!

Thus the choir of angels sings;
Honour, riches, power, dominion!

Thus its praise creation brings;
Glory, glory,

Glory to the King of kings!

prager tot tbe Cbil&ren.

FATHER, our children keep!
We know not what is coming on the earth;
Beneath the shadow of Thy heavenly wing,
Oh keep them, keep them, Thou who gav'st them

Father, draw nearer us!

Draw firmer round us Thy protecting arm; Oh clasp our children closer to Thy side,

Uninjured in the day of earth's alarm.

Them in Thy chambers hide!

Oh hide them and preserve them calm and safe, When sin abounds, and error flows abroad,

And Satan tempts, and human passions chafe.

Oh keep them undented!

Unspotted from a tempting world of sin; That, clothed in white, through the bright citygates,

They may with us in triumph enter in.

Cbe tlime of fflowers.

Song Of Solomon, ii. 8.

HOW sweetly doth He shew His face,
How gently speak and say,
Rise up, My love, My fair one, rise,

And come away!
Past is the winter and the cold,

The rain is o'er and gone;
The flowers appear upon the earth,
Now glows the sun!

The singing of the birds is come;

All listening now we stand;
The turtle-dove's low note is heard

Through all the land.
The fig-tree buds, the tender vines

Are fragrant as the day;
Arise, My love, My beautiful,

And come away!

My dove, who in yon rock of rocks

Dost in My love rejoice,
Come, let Me see thy countenance,

And hear thy voice.
Mine my Beloved is, I His;

Among the lilies He
Feedeth, until the morning breaks

And shadows flee!