I am much indebted to the courtesy of the following publishers for permission to include in this volume the hymns by my father of which they own the copyright. I take this opportunity of thanking them for their kindness.

Messrs. Nisbet, London, for the pieces selected from Hymns of Faith and Hope, The Song of the New Creation, Hymns of the Nativity, Communion Hymns, and My Old Letters.

Messrs. Morgan and Scott, London, for the hymns taken from their Sacred Songs and Solos.

Messrs. Castell Brothers, London, for the three hymns which appear at pp. 197, 211, and 236 of this volume.

The only piece printed in this selection which has not already appeared in an authorized collection of my father's hymns is:

'Beloved, let us love: love is of God' (p. 196); but there is no doubt as to its authorship, as I possess the original manuscript.

I think it right to mention that in the following pages I have shortened several of the hymns by omitting here and there a few lines which did not seem to be absolutely necessary.

I have never given the date of a hymn unless I could do so with certainty.