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Interlinear Bible 2 Chronicles 4:4

4 It stood on twelve * oxen, three facing the north, three facing west, three facing south and three facing east; and the sea was set on top of them and all their hindquarters turned inwards.
~yin{p h'v{l.v#st07969 r'q'B r'f'[ ~yen.v -l;[ demw{[ ? ~yin{P h'v{l.v.W h'M'y ~yin{p h'vw{l.v.W h'nw{p'c ? ~,hyel][ ~'Y;h.w h'x'r.zim ~yin{P h'v{l.v.W h'B.g,n#st05045 ? h't.y'B ~,hyer{x]a -l'k.w h'l.['m.lim
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