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Interlinear Bible 2 Kings 2:21

21 He went out to the spring of water and threw salt in it and said, "Thus says the LORD, 'I have purified these waters; there shall not be from there death or unfruitfulness any longer.' "
x;l,m ~'v -.k,l.v;Y;w ~Iy;M;h a'cw{m#st04161 -l,a aeceY;w ? h,Lea'h ~Iy;M;l#st04325 yitaiPir h'wh.y#st03068 r;m'a -h{K r,ma{Y;w ? t,l'K;v.m.W t,w'm dw{[ ~'Vim h,y.hIy -a{l
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