Interlinear Bible 2 Samuel 19:4-6

4 The king covered his face and cried out with a loud voice, "O my son Absalom, O Absalom, my son, my son!"
lw{q .$,l,M;h#st04428 q;[.ziY;w wy'n'P#st06440 -t,a j;a'l .$,l,M;h.w ? yin.b yin.B ~w{l'v.b;a ~w{l'v.b;a yin.B lw{d'G
5 Then Joab came into the house to the king and said, "Today you have covered with shame the faces of all your servants, who today have saved your life and the lives of your sons and daughters, the lives of your wives, and the lives of your concubines,
'T.v;b{h r,ma{Y;w tIy'B;h .$,l,M;h -l,a b'aw{y a{b'Y;w ? ~yij.L;m.m;h '$y,d'b][ -l'k yen.P -t,a ~w{Y;h ? '$y,t{n.b.W '$y,n'B v,p,n tea.w ~w{Y;h '$.v.p;n -t,a ? '$y,v.g;liP#st06370 v,p,n.w '$y,v'n v,p,n.w
6 by loving those who hate you, and by hating those who love you. For you have shown today that princes and servants are nothing to you; for I know this day that if Absalom were alive and all of us were dead today, then you would be pleased *.
'$y,b]h{a -t,a a{n.fil.w '$y,a.n{f -t,a h'b]h;a.l ? ~yid'b][;w#st05650 ~yir'f '$.l !yea yiK ~w{Y;h 'T.d;Gih yiK ? .Wn'LUk.w y;x ~w{l'v.b;a a{l yiK ~w{Y;h yiT.[;d'y yiK ? '$y,nye[.B r'v'y z'a -yiK ~yitem ~w{Y;h
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