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Interlinear Bible Exodus 39:32-33

32 Thus all the work of the tabernacle of the tent of meeting was completed; and the sons of Israel did according to all that the LORD had commanded Moses; so they did.
.Wf][;Y;w de[w{m l,h{a#st0168 !;K.vim t;d{b][ -l'K l,keT;w ? h,v{m -t,a h'wh.y h\Wic r,v]a l{k.K lea'r.fIy yen.B ? .Wf'[ !eK
33 They brought the tabernacle to Moses, the tent and all its furnishings: its clasps, its boards, its bars, and its pillars and its sockets;
l,h{a'h -t,a h,v{m#st04872 -l,a !'K.viM;h -t,a .Wayib'Y;w ? w{xyir.B#st01280 wy'v'r.q#st07175 wy's'r.q#st07165 wy'leK#st03627 -l'K -t,a.w ? wy'n'd]a;w wy'dUM;[.w
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