Interlinear Bible Ezekiel 1:24

24 I also heard the sound of their wings like the sound of abundant waters as they went, like the voice of the Almighty, a sound of tumult like the sound of an army camp; whenever they stood still, they dropped their wings.
~yiB;r#st07227 ~Iy;m lw{q.K ~,hyep.n;K lw{q -t,a [;m.v,a'w ? h,n]x;m lw{q.K h'LUm]h#st01999 lw{q ~'T.k,l.B y;D;v#st07706 -lw{q.K ? !,hyep.n;k h'ny,P;r.T ~'d.m'[.B#st05975
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