Interlinear Bible Genesis 23:17

17 So Ephron's field, which was in Machpelah, which faced Mamre, the field and cave which was in it, and all the trees which were in the field, that were within all the confines of its border, were deeded over
yen.pil#st06440 r,v]a h'leP.k;M;B r,v]a !w{r.p,[#st06085 hed.f ~'q'Y;w ? #e['h -l'k.w w{B -r,v]a h'r'[.M;h.w#st04631 h,d'F;h aer.m;m ? byib's w{lUb.G -l'k.B r,v]a h,d'F;B r,v]a
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