Interlinear Bible Mark 2:8

8 Immediately Jesus, aware in His spirit that they were reasoning that way within themselves, said to them, "Why are you reasoning about these things in your hearts?
kai; CONJ eujqu;? ADV ejpignou;? V-2AAP-NSM oJ T-NSM #Ihsou'? N-NSM tw'/ T-DSN pneuvmati N-DSN aujtou' P-GSM o&ti CONJ ou&tw? ADV dialogivzontai V-PNI-3P ejn PREP eJautoi'? F-3DPM levgei V-PAI-3S aujtoi'?, P-DPM Tiv I-ASN tau'ta D-APN dialogivzesqe V-PNI-2P ejn PREP tai'? T-DPF kardivai? N-DPF uJmw'n; P-2GP
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