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Interlinear Bible Psalm 89

1 I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.
~'lw{[#st05769 h'wh.y#st03068 yed.s;x#st02617 yix'r.z,a'h#st0250 !'tyea.l#st0387 lyiK.f;m ? yip.B '$.t'n.Wm/a ;[yidw{a r{d'w r{d.l h'ryiv'a
2 For I have said, Mercy shall be built up for ever: thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in the very heavens.
!ik'T ~Iy;m'v#st08064 h,n'BIy d,s,x ~'lw{[#st05769 yiT.r;m'a -yiK ? ~,h'b '$.t'n.Wm/a
3 I have made a covenant with my chosen, I have sworn unto David my servant,
yiD.b;[#st05650 diw'd.l#st01732 yiT.[; yiryix.bil#st0972 tyir.b#st01285 yiT;r'K
4 Thy seed will I establish for ever, and build up thy throne to all generations. Selah.
rw{d'w -r{d.l yityin'b.W '$,[.r;z !yik'a ~'lw{[#st05769 -d;[#st05704 ? h'l,s '$]a.siK
5 And the heavens shall praise thy wonders, O LORD: thy faithfulness also in the congregation of the saints.
'$.t'n.Wm/a#st0530 -p;a h'wh.y '$]a.liP#st06382 ~Iy;m'v .Wdw{y.w ? ~yiv{d.q l;h.qiB
6 For who in the heaven can be compared unto the LORD? who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the LORD?
h'why;l#st03068 h,m.dIy h'why;l .${r][;y q;x;V;b#st07834 yim yiK ? ]myilea yen.biB
7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.
-l'K -l;[ a'rw{n.w h'B;r ~yiv{d.q -dw{s.B#st05475 #'r][;n lea ? wy'byib.s
8 O LORD God of hosts, who is a strong LORD like unto thee? or to thy faithfulness round about thee?
H'y#st03050 !yis]x '$w{m'k -yim tw{a'b.c yeh{l/a h'wh.y ? '$y,tw{byib.s '$.t'n.Wm/a,w
9 Thou rulest the raging of the sea: when the waves thereof arise, thou stillest them.
h'T;a wy'L;g aw{f.B ~'Y;h#st03220 t.Waeg.B levw{m h'T;a ? ~ex.B;v.t
10 Thou hast broken Rahab in pieces, as one that is slain; thou hast scattered thine enemies with thy strong arm.
'T.r;ZiP '$.ZU[ ;[w{r.ziB#st02220 b;h'r#st07294 l'l'x,k#st02491 'taiKid h'T;a ? '$y,b.yw{a
11 The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine: as for the world and the fulness thereof, thou hast founded them.
h'T;a H'a{l.m.W#st04393 lebeT#st08398 #,r'a '$.l -p;a ~Iy;m'v '$.l ? ~'T.d;s.y
12 The north and the south thou hast created them: Tabor and Hermon shall rejoice in thy name.
!w{m.r,x.w rw{b'T#st08396 ~'ta'r.b h'T;a !yim'y.w !w{p'c ? .WneN;r.y '$.miv.B
13 Thou hast a mighty arm: strong is thy hand, and high is thy right hand.
~.Wr'T '$.d'y z{['T h'r.Wb.G -mi[ ;[w{r.z '$.l ? '$,nyim.y
14 Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face.
.Wm.D;q.y t,m/a,w#st0571 d,s,x '$,a.siK !w{k.m#st04349 j'P.vim.W#st04941 q,d,c ? '$y,n'p
15 Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance.
'$y,n'P -rw{a.B#st0216 h'wh.y#st03068 h'[.Wr.t ye[.dw{y ~'['h#st05971 yer.v;a ? !.WkeL;h.y
16 In thy name shall they rejoice all the day: and in thy righteousness shall they be exalted.
.Wm.Wr'y '$.t'q.dic.b.W ~w{Y;h#st03117 -l'K !.Wlyig.y '$.miv.B
17 For thou art the glory of their strength: and in thy favour our horn shall be exalted#st07311.
~yir'T '$.n{c.rib.W h'T'a w{m'ZU[#st05797 t,r,a.pit -yiK ? .Wnen.r;q
18 For the LORD is our defence; and the Holy One of Israel is our king.
.WneK.l;m lea'r.fIy vw{d.qil.w#st06918 .WneNig'm h'why;l yiK
19 Then thou spakest in vision to thy holy one, and saidst, I have laid help upon one that is mighty; I have exalted one chosen out of the people.
yityi.Wiv r,ma{T;w '$y,dyis]x;l !w{z'x.b#st02377 -'T.r;BiD z'a ? ~'[em#st05971 r.Wx'b yitw{myir]h rw{BiG#st01368 -l;[ r,ze[
20 I have found David my servant; with my holy oil have I anointed him:
wyiT.x;v.m yiv.d'q#st06944 !,m,v.B yiD.b;[#st05650 diw'D#st01732 yita'c'm
21 With whom my hand shall be established: mine arm also shall strengthen him.
.WN,c.M;a.t yi[w{r.z -p;a w{Mi[ !w{KiT yid'y r,v]a
22 The enemy shall not exact upon him; nor the son of wickedness afflict him.
.WN,N;[.y a{l h'l.w;[ -n,b.W w{B beyw{a aiV;y -a{l
23 And I will beat down his foes before his face, and plague them that hate him.
@w{G,a wy'a.n;f.m.W wy'r'c#st06862 wy'n'Pim yitw{T;k.w
24 But my faithfulness and my mercy shall be with him: and in my name shall his horn be exalted.
w{n.r;q ~.Wr'T yim.vib.W w{Mi[ yiD.s;x.w#st02617 yit'n.Wm,a,w
25 I will set his hand also in the sea, and his right hand in the rivers.
w{nyim.y tw{r'h.N;b.W w{d'y#st03027 ~'Y;b#st03220 yiT.m;f.w
26 He shall cry unto me, Thou art my father, my God, and the rock of my salvation.
yit'[.Wv.y#st03444 r.Wc.w#st06697 yilea#st0410 h'T'a yib'a#st01 yinea'r.qIy a.Wh
27 Also I will make him my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth.
#,r'a -yek.l;m.l !w{y.l,[ .When.T,a rw{k.B yin'a -p;a
28 My mercy will I keep for him for evermore, and my covenant shall stand fast with him.
w{l t,n,m/a,n yityir.b.W#st01285 yiD.s;x rw{m.v,a ~'lw{[.l
29 His seed also will I make to endure for ever, and his throne as the days of heaven.
~Iy'm'v yemyiK w{a.sik.w w{[.r;z#st02233 d;['l#st05703 yiT.m;f.w
30 If his children forsake my law, and walk not in my judgments;
a{l y;j'P.vim.b.W yit'rw{T#st08451 wy'n'b .Wb.z;[;y -mia ? !.Wkeley
31 If they break my statutes, and keep not my commandments;
.Wr{m.vIy a{l y;t{w.cim.W .WleL;x.y y;t{QUx -mia
32 Then will I visit their transgression with the rod, and their iniquity with stripes.
~'n{w][ ~yi['g.nib.W#st05061 ~'[.viP#st06588 j,bev.b#st07626 yiT.d;q'p.W
33 Nevertheless my lovingkindness will I not utterly take from him, nor suffer my faithfulness to fail.
yit'n.Wm/a,B reQ;v]a -a{l.w w{Mi[em ryip'a -a{l yiD.s;x.w
34 My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.
h,N;v]a a{l y;t'p.f a'cw{m.W#st04161 yityir.B#st01285 leL;x]a -a{l
35 Once have I sworn by my holiness that I will not lie unto David.
beZ;k]a diw'd.l#st01732 -mia yiv.d'q.b#st06944 yiT.[; t;x;a
36 His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before me.
yiD.g,n v,m,V;k w{a.sik.w h,y.hIy ~'lw{[.l w{[.r;z
37 It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven. Selah.
h'l,s !'m/a,n q;x;V;B#st07834 de[.w ~'lw{[ !w{KIy ;xer'y.K
38 But thou hast cast off and abhorred, thou hast been wroth with thine anointed.
'$,xyiv.m#st04899 -mi[ 'T.r;B;[.tih s'a.miT;w 'T.x;n'z h'T;a.w
39 Thou hast made void the covenant of thy servant: thou hast profaned his crown by casting it to the ground.
w{r.zin#st05145 #,r'a'l#st0776 'T.l;Lix '$,D.b;[#st05650 tyir.B#st01285 h'T.r;aen
40 Thou hast broken down all his hedges; thou hast brought his strong holds to ruin.
]h'Tix.m#st04288 wy'r'c.bim 'T.m;f wy't{red.G -l'k 'T.c;r'P
41 All that pass by the way spoil him: he is a reproach to his neighbours.
wy'nek.vil h'P.r,x h'y'h .$,r'd yer.b{[ -l'K .WhUS;v
42 Thou hast set up the right hand of his adversaries; thou hast made all his enemies to rejoice.
wy'b.yw{a -l'K 'T.x;m.fih wy'r'c#st06862 !yim.y 'tw{myir]h
43 Thou hast also turned the edge of his sword, and hast not made him to stand in the battle.
h'm'x.liM;B w{t{myeq]h a{l.w w{B.r;x#st02719 r.Wc byiv'T -p;a
44 Thou hast made his glory to cease, and cast his throne down to the ground.
h'T.r;Gim#st04048 #,r'a'l w{a.sik.w w{r'h.Jim#st02892 'T;B.vih
45 The days of his youth hast thou shortened: thou hast covered him with shame. Selah.
h'v.WB#st0955 wy'l'[ 'tyij/[,h#st05844 wy'm.Wl][ yem.y 'T.r;c.qih ? h'l,s
46 How long, LORD? wilt thou hide thyself for ever? shall thy wrath burn like fire?
vea -w{m.K r;[.biT x;c,n'l#st05331 ret'SiT h'wh.y h'm -d;[ ? '$,t'm]x
47 Remember how short my time is: wherefore hast thou made all men in vain?
'ta'r'B a.w'V#st07723 -h;m -l;[ d,l'x#st02465 -h,m yin]a -r'k.z ? ~'d'a -yen.B -l'k
48 What man is he that liveth, and shall not see death? shall he deliver his soul from the hand of the grave? Selah.
jeL;m.y t,w'M#st04194 -h,a.rIy a{l.w h,y.xIy r,b,g#st01397 yim ? h'l,s lw{a.v -d;Yim w{v.p;n
49 Lord, where are thy former lovingkindnesses, which thou swarest unto David in thy truth?
diw'd.l#st01732 'T.[; y'n{d]a ~yin{vair'h '$y,d's]x heY;a ? '$,t'n.Wm/a,B
50 Remember, Lord, the reproach of thy servants; how I do bear in my bosom the reproach of all the mighty people;
yiqyex.b yitea.f '$y,d'b][#st05650 t;P.r,x y'n{d]a r{k.z ? ~yiM;[ ~yiB;r -l'K
51 Wherewith thine enemies have reproached, O LORD; wherewith they have reproached the footsteps of thine anointed.
tw{b.Qi[ .Wp.rex r,v]a h'wh.y '$y,b.yw{a .Wp.rex r,v]a ? '$,xyiv.m
52 Blessed be the LORD for evermore. Amen, and Amen.
!em'a.w !em'a ~'lw{[.l#st05769 h'wh.y .$.Wr'B
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