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Interlinear Bible Revelation 1:4

4 John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is#st3801, and which was#st3801, and which is to come#st3801; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;
jIwavnnh? N-NSM tai'? T-DPF eJpta; N-NUI ejkklhsivai? N-DPF tai'? T-DPF ejn PREP th'/ T-DSF #Asiva/: N-DSF cavri? N-NSF uJmi'n P-2DP kai; CONJ eijrhvnh N-NSF ajpo; PREP oJ T-NSM w^n V-PXP-NSM kai; CONJ oJ T-NSM h\n V-IXI-3S kai; CONJ oJ T-NSM ejrcovmeno?, V-PNP-NSM kai; CONJ ajpo; PREP tw'n T-GPN eJpta; N-NUI pneumavtwn N-GPN aJ; R-NPN ejnwvpion ADV tou' T-GSM qrovnou N-GSM aujtou', P-GSM
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