Isaiah 3:21

21 the signet rings and nose rings,

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The rings, and nose jewels,
the signet rings and nose rings;
rings, jewels,

What does Isaiah 3:21 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Isaiah 3:21

The rings
On their finger, as Aben Ezra observes: and nose jewels;
the same with the jewels on the forehead or nose, ( Ezekiel 16:12 ) not that they hung upon the nose, but were fastened upon the forehead, and hung down to the nose, see ( Genesis 24:22 ) ; an allusion to this is in ( Proverbs 11:22 ) though Austin says it was a custom of the women of Mauritania to put jewels in their nose; and which is still kept in Persia, Arabia, and other countries, as travellers affirm.

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