Jeremiah 36:5

5 Then Jeremiah told Baruch, “I am restricted; I am not allowed to go to the LORD’s temple.

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And Jeremiah commanded Baruch, saying, I am shut up; I cannot go into the house of the LORD:
And Jeremiah ordered Baruch, saying, "I am banned from going to the house of the LORD,
Then Jeremiah said to Baruch, “I am a prisoner here and unable to go to the Temple.

What does Jeremiah 36:5 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Jeremiah 36:5

And Jeremiah commanded Baruch, saying, I [am] shut up
In prison, according to Jarchi; but this is not likely, for then there would have been no occasion for an order to take him, ( Jeremiah 36:26 ) . Grotius thinks he was obliged by the king's order to stay at home; possibly he might be restrained by the Spirit of God, or had not freedom in his own mind to go abroad; there might be a restraint, an impulse upon his spirit, by the Spirit of God. Some think he was under some legal pollution, which made him unfit to go into the temple: for it follows: I cannot go into the house of the Lord:
labouring either under some bodily infirmity, or ceremonial defilement, or was forbidden by the king. What was the true cause is not certain; but so it was, that either he was discharged, or disabled, or disqualified, from going into the house of God.

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