John 5:32

32 There is another who testifies in my favor, and I know that his testimony about me is true.

John 5:32 in Other Translations

32 There is another that beareth witness of me; and I know that the witness which he witnesseth of me is true.
32 There is another who bears witness about me, and I know that the testimony that he bears about me is true.
32 But someone else is also testifying about me, and I assure you that everything he says about me is true.
32 But an independent witness confirms me, the most reliable Witness of all.
32 There is Another who testifies about Me, and I know that the testimony He gives about Me is valid.

John 5:32 Meaning and Commentary

John 5:32

There is another that beareth witness of me
Meaning not his Father, who is another, and a distinct person, from him, as the Spirit is another comforter; and both distinct testifiers from him, as well as of him. This is indeed the sense of some interpreters; but the Father is particularly mentioned in ( John 5:37 ) ; and the thread of the discourse, and the climax, or gradation, here used, show, that it is to be understood of "another man", as Nonnus paraphrases it; of John the Baptist, who is spoken of by name in the next verse, as a witness; and then a greater than he, the works of Christ, and then the Father:

and I know that the witness, which he witnesseth of me, is true;
for John was now alive, though in prison, and continued to bear a testimony to Christ; and therefore he speaks of him as now bearing witness of him, and abiding by that which he had bore; and Christ knew not only that what he testified of him was true in itself, but that his testimony was a valid and authentic testimony, with the generality of the Jews; who held John to be a prophet, and looked upon him as a man of great probity and integrity, and whose word was to be taken: nor indeed could the sanhedrim, before whom Christ now was, object to his character, nor to him as a witness; nor ought they, since they themselves had so judged of him, as appears by their message to him, which Christ next fails not to take notice of.

John 5:32 In-Context

30 By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.
31 “If I testify about myself, my testimony is not true.
32 There is another who testifies in my favor, and I know that his testimony about me is true.
33 “You have sent to John and he has testified to the truth.
34 Not that I accept human testimony; but I mention it that you may be saved.

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