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Joshua 15:59

59 Maarath, Beth Anoth and Eltekon—six towns and their villages.[a]

Joshua 15:59 in Other Translations

59 And Maarath, and Bethanoth, and Eltekon; six cities with their villages:
59 Maarath, Beth-anoth, and Eltekon: six cities with their villages.
59 Maarath, Beth-anoth, and Eltekon—six towns with their surrounding villages.
59 Maarath, Beth Anoth, and Eltekon - six towns and their villages.
59 Maarath, Beth-anoth, and Eltekon-six cities, with their villages;

Joshua 15:59 Meaning and Commentary

Joshua 15:59

And Maarath, and Bethanoth, and Eltekon
Of these cities we have no account elsewhere; only mention is made of Eltekeh, in the tribe of Dan, ( Joshua 19:44 ) ;

six cities with their villages;
these were all in the mountainous part of Judea, as were the two following.

Joshua 15:59 In-Context

57 Kain, Gibeah and Timnah—ten towns and their villages.
58 Halhul, Beth Zur, Gedor,
59 Maarath, Beth Anoth and Eltekon—six towns and their villages.
60 Kiriath Baal (that is, Kiriath Jearim) and Rabbah—two towns and their villages.
61 In the wilderness: Beth Arabah, Middin, Sekakah,

Footnotes 1

  • [a]. The Septuagint adds another district of eleven towns, including Tekoa and Ephrathah (Bethlehem).
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