Song of Solomon 7:1-9

Solomon’s Praise of His Dancing Maiden

1 How beautiful are your feet in sandals, O royal princess! The curves of your {thighs} [are] like {jewels}, the work of the hands of a craftsman.
2 Your navel [is] {a round wine-mixing bowl} that does not lack mixed wine! Your belly [is] a heap of wheat encircled with lilies.
3 Your two breasts [are] like two fawns, twins of a gazelle.
4 Your neck [is] like a tower of ivory; your eyes [are] pools in Heshbon at the gate of Beth Rabbim. Your nose [is] like the tower of Lebanon {looking out over Damascus}.
5 {Your head crowns you like Carmel}; the flowing locks of your head [are] like {purple tapestry}; a king is held captive in the tresses!
6 How beautiful you are and how pleasant, O loved one in the delights!
7 {Your stature} [is] like the palm tree, and your breasts [are] like clusters.
8 I say, "I will climb up the palm tree; I will lay hold of its fruit clusters." Let your breasts [be pleasing] like clusters of the vine and the scent of your breath like the apples.
9 Your palate [is] like the best wine that goes down for my beloved, smoothly gliding over my lips and teeth.