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Leviticus 26:15

15 and if you reject my decrees and abhor my laws and fail to carry out all my commands and so violate my covenant,

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And if ye shall despise my statutes, or if your soul abhor my judgments, so that ye will not do all my commandments, but that ye break my covenant:
if you spurn my statutes, and if your soul abhors my rules, so that you will not do all my commandments, but break my covenant,
and if you break my covenant by rejecting my decrees, treating my regulations with contempt, and refusing to obey my commands,

What does Leviticus 26:15 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Leviticus 26:15

And if ye shall despise my statutes
Which is an aggravated sin; to be negligent hearers of the commands of God is bad, not to be doers of them worse, but to treat them with contempt is worse still: or if your soul abhor my judgments:
which is worst of all, to despise them as if not wisely or righteously made is a dreadful reflection upon the Maker of them; but to abhor them as bad things, not fit to be regarded, but to be had in the utmost detestation, is shocking impiety: so that ye will not do all my commandments;
nor any of them, but are set against them, and determined and resolved on the contrary: [but] that ye break my covenant;
the covenant made with them at Sinai, when they promised, on their part, that they would hearken and be obedient, ( Exodus 24:7 ) .

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